Friday, May 22, 2015


No, I did not eat a questionable burrito from a gas station. Nor did I eat some Salsa from a vendor at a street fair. Hell's Revenge is a Jeep trail which you can hike on. It is rated a 6 out of 10 so if you are going to drive your Jeep on it, beware.
The first of many obs-tickles
The trail is very challenging. Starting with the entrance. climbing this rock to start the trail.
Hell's Revenge
There are lots of large rock climbs. In fact the trail is mostly on rocks like this.
Can you find the trail?
Don't worry about the tire marks on the rock. If they closed the trail now. In 5 months there would be no sign at all that there was a trail there. There was one rock formation called "The Lion's Back". It is closed now due to several reason's(google it). Some say it was too dangerous, others say it was on private land and someone bought it to build condo's. Now when you go by it, there are no tire tracks at all on it.
Colorado River and hwy. 128 or River Road
We hiked to the end and found this stunning view. The Colorado river and Hwy. 128. We biked that path that runs along the hwy. and didn't realize you could get up on top of there. It just goes to show you that you have to get in there and explore.
The views are stunning
This was a very strenuous hike. Lots of climbing and descending and over all length was 8.7 miles. We were pretty tired by the end.
Bull snake
Wednesday we heard on the news to watch out for snakes. They were coming out of hibernation. Sure enough, we then saw this big fellow. He was 4-5 feet long. At least it wasn't a rattler.
Hot Tub
This is called the Hot Tub. People drive into it and then try to drive out. The trail was very dead this day so there was no one playing in it. In fact we hardly saw anyone at all. After 5 hours we staggered out of the wilderness and back into civilization. And just a side note. Moab got it's name from the Bible. Moab is the wilderness that Moses and the Isrealites wondered around in for 40 years. Tune in tomorrow, Same Bat time, same Bat channel.


  1. Now that is quite the hike! It is a good thing that you don't have a Jeep as I know you would have tried it!

  2. I think that I will be lucky and leave Moab without a Jeep, I was worried about that. After hiking some of these trails, I would like to try them in your Jeep. Emphasis on yours.

  3. Another nice hike. Big snake! Someone forgot to clean the "tub"!

    1. There are so many nice hikes. None that we have been on yet havebeen disappointing.

  4. Another nice hike. That snake was huge! Someone forgot to clean the "tub".