The road less travelled

The road less travelled

Monday, March 7, 2016

Friends, Fires, Four-wheelin, Fish and Frickin Cards

We left Las Vegas with our tails between our legs. We spent our gambling money with nothing to show for it. That town wasn't built on winners, it was built on losers and we helped. So we headed into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area to meet our friends Jim and Barb. We met them last year in Florida. With their directions and some luck we found their spot out in what is called the Government wash.
Jim and Barb's rig on the left and us on the right
This is a free camping area on Lake Mead. There are a few areas like this scattered throughout the rec area. No electricity, no water or dump station. But what you do get is fantastic views.
This was our view out the back window. Well that night we had a fire with our neighbors. We were in the landing pattern of all the jets coming into Vegas. It was amazing to see all the jets come in, one after another to land in Vegas. The coyotes where very noisy every night. That was really neat to hear.

Saturday we made plans to do some kayaking with Jim and Barb and then go Jeeping with Steve and Joan. Well the winds picked up on Lake Mead so they took us to the Marina to feed the fish and ducks. We brought some bread. Let the feeding frenzy began.
The ducks

The sea gulls

The sucker fish
You start out by throwing the bread into the air for the sea gulls. What they miss goes to the ducks and what they miss the fish get. The fish actually make a sucking noise when they are trying to get the bread. The fish were 2-3 feet long and there where also stripped fish of some sort. Sorry, but I am not a fisholigist. I tried to get the sea gulls to eat out of my hand but they wouldn't go for that.

After that we met up with Steve and Joan who we met through Jim and Barb last year in Moab. Steve has a Jeep Rubicon that is really nice and since we all have Jeeps now he wanted to take us on a little trail ride. He knows the area really well because they volunteer for the park service for the winter. So off we went.

Steve and Joan led and we followed Jim and Barb. Remember we are new to the whole Jeeping thing but I am loving it. Lisa not so much. She is not a big fan of the bouncing around.
l-r. Us, Steve and Joan, and Jim and Barb
The Jeep trail ended in a big ravine. There a hiking trail starts. The trail goes to a gauging station on the Colorado river. It was used to measure the river after the Hoover dam was built to measure the effects of the damn dam.

Steve having a flashback of the birth canal
The trail starts going through this little hole. Another 8/10ths of a mile to go.
The trail ends at the Colorado river below the Hoover dam.  We took a group picture at the bottom with Jim's camera.
Note to self, Be careful who edits your photos. You know what they say about paybacks. We headed back up the trail and as we got to the Jeeps we felt sprinkles. Since most of this Jeep trail was following a wash and the deserts are notorious for flash floods, we were highly motivated to get out of there. We headed over to another trail which had a spine to it. That is driving a ridge with drops on each side. Not large drops.
Lisa got out to take pictures. There was a rough spot just ahead of Steve and Joan's Jeep. I could not get over it and had to back down. I tried 3 times and could not make it. First modification will be tires.
Doing the drive of shame.

The next day turned out to be a wind event day. When the wind hits in the desert it hits hard. So we didn't plan any outings. Lisa and I foiled Barb's hair. Lisa then gave her a little trim. She took us to lunch in Boulder City  and then we were going to play cards with Steve and Joan and the best part; Barb's infamous Tacos! 

Now in my title I said fricken cards. I only said that because I needed something to start with an F. Lisa and I aren't big game players but we did have a good time. We learned a couple of new games which we have already forgotten to play. But yes it was fun. I won the first game too. It was called tater salad or something like that. (?) We said our goodbyes to Steve and Joan who we will see in Moab and Jim and Barb are headed to Alaska. We may not see them for over a year. Sad face. :-(
Jim and Barb riding off into the sunset.
So a busy 4 days. We are headed to Stewart's point, still on Lake Mead. We want to check out the Valley of Fire. I got a new fire extinguisher just for that.

Till our path's cross again.


  1. Hey, I did not force you to post that picture! Great seeing you guys, enjoy Moab and Yellowstone!

    1. Feeling guilty? I like to laugh at my self all the time. It makes it easier to laugh at everyone else.

  2. Looks like you could have scooped up those fish by hand. That road into Government Wash was pretty bumpy when we went in last year but the views were worth it. It was great meeting you both in Q. Safe travels and hopefully our paths will cross again!

    1. Jim put his hand in there. I guess he needed some affection because the fish were sucking on it. Q was fun and we are glad we met you.

  3. I would LOVE to go out there. Not sure George will come with me, but since he drives the RV, guess it's off my list, lol. Hmm, tater tots, tater salad, I see a theme here :)

    1. You've never been out west? It is very beautiful. You may have to hi-jack the RV.