Thursday, November 17, 2016

SSSHHH......Can You Hear That?

Seriously, be quiet and put your ear next to the computer. There. Can you hear it now? No? Let me tell you what you are not hearing then. It is the sound of our souls being sucked out. Picture Harry Potter by the lake with a dementor above him sucking out his soul. That's what it is like for us anyways.

Yes, I am being over dramatic. It isn't that bad. But it sure feels like it.

Why? Why would you put yourself through that? Let me explain.

Picture if you will, a pie. A succulent, steaming apple pie. Cut that pie into 8 pieces. Each year you take a piece of that pie and eventually in eight years it will be gone. (The last piece may be a bit nasty also). So to make our pie last longer, we take an occasional job so that the piece of pie we take this year will be smaller. (Yes, Lisa, I am talking about money.)

Unfortunately life still costs money. (We own a Jeep now and those that own one know what I am talking about) We are working more and traveling less. But we are still traveling. We are trying to find jobs like our Yellowstone job in areas of the country we want to explore. This job in Kentucky pays well and they even give you a free place to live while you are here. That is why we decided to come back again and put ourselves through this.

We are making the best of it. We visit Lee's Special Recipe Fried Chicken every other week. If you are in the south, go to Lee's. It is so much better than KFC. (Is that sad that that is the high-light of our weeks?)  We have checked out a lot of the sites in this area.

We visited Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace.

Cumberland Falls State Park.

Cumberland Gap.

Natural Bridge Kentucky. We went with Peg and Michele. It was very interesting because you take a chairlift up to the top. Then take a short walk through the beautiful Kentucky woods.

The Patton Museum and Fort Knox.

So our time here has not been wasted. There are a few more sites that we want to see. Next week is Thanksgiving and that means that we will start working 50 hour weeks. Which means that we will be more tired and less likely to sightsee.  So hang onto your seats. LSEP.


  1. Oh the memories :) Not of the sightseeing, but the soul sucking experience. Won't be long, it's gonna be over!!

  2. Knowing how much you like pie, I am surprised you did not eat the whole thing in one sitting! Hang in there!

  3. Well, you are seeing some nice things! And I imagine getting into some pretty good shape with all that working. We're back in Placerville with the cold-rainy-getting-colder weather. While we love seeing all the kids/family/friends, we're missing the travels already. Also not a fan of all the doc appts, but oh well. Gotta get 'em out of the way. Just think, only 4 weeks until Christmans!

    1. Yes, we will be doing that in Jan. when we go back to Minnesota. Only the cold that we are talking about will be 30 below. Not below freezing but below 0. That is the worst part.