Saturday, March 17, 2018

First Stop on the Undisclosed Location List

First order of business. Traveling with assumed identities. Mine is okay, but Lisa's I didn't quite like. Remember hers is Josaphine Butterpump. After much thought I have decided to give her a new name. One that rolls off of the tongue better, and that is this. Gladys Butterpump.

Second order of business. We left the Berry festival a day after it ended to take care of some business in a east central Florida town. When we returned to the Berry festival I couldn't believe that they had nearly torn the whole thing down in just one day. Truly amazing to be able to move over 80+ rides and the same amount of food stands. Talk about logistics.

We left the Berry festival grounds on Wednesday and we had a short drive to a quaint little coastal town that we know of. We were kind of excited to get back there because it has been over 2 years since our last visit. It is a cute little town on the gulf that says it is like what Key West used to be. Very laid back. Nothing to do but relax and drink.
Sunny day on the gulf


More Pelicans

Looking down the main street
Looking back the other direction

The town recovered nicely after the hurricane

Looking at the bars and stores from the peir

Island in the Gulf

This little town is known for it's clams. So we just couldn't leave without some of those. So we walked over to the "Big Deck" for some clams and peel and eat shrimp. It was delicious and we washed those down with a couple of beers. 
The Big Deck
Steamed Clams


Love these peel and eat shrimp
After our appetites where satisfied, we walked the town some more before a drive out to the scrub and some Sasquatch hunting. 
The scrub and Sasquatch hunting
It was a quick trip but we have been there before for a couple of months at a time. So we move on to our next secret location. Tango and Gladys out.


  1. Good food, booze, secret location. CHECK!

  2. Tried voting to win the prize but it did not work. We like our clams grilled with a little butter, garlic and cheese!

  3. We just left there - our 6th yearspending winter - best clams, music and art !!!!!! BEST kept secret !!!!

    1. Shhh! Don't let others know. We always enjoy visiting this little town.