Sunday, April 15, 2018

Basement Treasure Hunting

It's April 15th and we are hunkered down in our super secret undisclosed location. We awoke to more snow blanketing the ground again. This has been the winter that doesn't want to end.
More of that F***ing snow.
That is this mornings picture and the next one is just from yesterday. We had some deer go through the yard.
What a difference a day makes.

Legend has it that there is a certain pool table hidden in the basement at our super secret location. According to the legend it was put down there over 60 years ago and Lisa's dad and uncle were going to play a game of pool on it. Well Archie heard the clatter of pool balls and stormed down there and quickly put an end to that tom foolery. So it was covered up, never to be used again. Over time it was buried under things like in all basements and forgotten.

So armed with that knowledge, I wanted to see if the legends were true. 

I yelled to Lisa, "Get my Indiana Jones hat and grab the whip out of the bedroom. I am going on a quest!" So , once properly attired and full of vim and vigor, I set out to accomplish what they said couldn't be done. I first had to discover the secret location of the doorway to the underworld.
Super secret portal to the underworld.
After I breached the secret portal I descended into the sixties. It was totally groovy.
After searching for hours, leaving no stone unturned, I found it. The sacred virgin alter to entertainment. At that moment I think I cried a little.
It was covered by many layers of protective coverings.
I enlisted the help of the local residents of the basement. Cats. They promised to help me if I would just listen to their broadway musical of whimsical frivolity. It sucked.
Layer upon layer was removed.
Until finally we found what we were looking for.

The wood on the top that has been covered is a dark mahogany color, while the legs that have been exposed is a light faded color. So what do you do with a virgin pool table that has never been used? You use it. And that is what Moose and I did. He has his own way of playing.
The balls are so old that they have turned yellow. I always wondered what happened to them if you didn't use them. I was looking for a white cue ball and was wondering why there were two yellow balls.
The 12 and 7 ball is from a different set.

It makes me wonder why someone would buy that and never use or enjoy it. But rather cover it up and just let it sit. Things that make you go "Hmmmm". After a couple of games, I covered it up for the next generation to find.

I will have to see what else we find in "The Basement of many wonders"


  1. Keep searching, who knows what treasures and adventures await!

    1. There is so much stuff hidden away. I think I will go on safari next.