Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hodge Podge of Many Things

Lisa justs hates it when I am proven right and she is proven wrong. Her face gets all red, she starts to drool and stutter and then she blames me anyway. Case in point. If you recall the episode of my knee. Doing non-stop death marches eventually left me with a torn meniscus that required surgery. Having had the surgery and on the road to recovery, the death marches continued. Until recently. I developed a terrible pain in my foot. Do you know why? Death marches. Proving once again how unhealthy being healthy is.

I went to the walk in clinic because the pain in my foot was getting unbearable. X-rays were taken and again I was proven right. Plantar Fasciatus in my left foot with bone spurs and some calcification. Cure. Rest and stay off of your feet. AH HA! I knew it! One step closer to getting a scooter.

We have been busy clearing the brush off of our property. Busy until "Little Burro" aka, our ATV died of heat stroke. So I loaded it up and brought it back to town and started an autopsy to find out the cause. Upon further inspection it was discovered that "Little Burro" was killed by a mouse. It was a mouse-acide. Apparently a mouse built a nest in the air vent of the clutch housing causing it to over heat and melt the housing.
Come to think of it, I do recall the guy I bought it from saying that it was sitting in a barn for a couple of years.  So I ordered a new housing because the clutch was now rubbing against it. Thank you Amazon.
New one on top and old melted one on bottom.

Next topic of conversation. Zombies. We know they are coming. It is just a matter of time. With that in mind I went to the woods to get some much needed practice in.

It is quite amazing I can hit anything at all with the way I shake but I did hit it. I was using my Hungarian PA-63 in 9X18 Makarov caliber.  I definitely need more practice.

I got a notice for Jury duty for May 8th. It said to call on the 7th to see if I needed to report. So I called and they said the case settled and was not needed and that I should wait for another notice. Now I just sit and wait.

That is about it for now. Exciting as ever I know.


  1. During jury selection just give them a copy of this post and you will be guaranteed not to be picked!

    1. Why? Because my pistol was black and could be considered an assault pistol? Is that a thing?

  2. Ha, I agree with Jim! Maybe more marching will strengthen your foot?

    1. I lift weights. 12 ounces at a time. Does that count?

    2. Sure if you’re doing it with your foot for 6 hours 😆