Thursday, April 16, 2015

Step one was to get the blog started. Easy peasy compared to step two. Where to start. A lot of people when they start thier new life on the road they start blogging from day one. We didn't do that, we have been on the road for nearly a year now. So do I go back and start from the beginning or start from this point? When I say start from the beginning, I wouldn't go day by day, but rather a short synopsis of the last year. I don't want to bore you with tiny little details like the day I touched my first Armadillo or naming a Manatee Hugh. So just trying to get that figured out and also enjoying the time with our daughter Kendra and her friend Derian who drove down to visit us from Fargo ND.


  1. Hmmmm.... good question. Highs and lows of the year? Lessons learned?..... how you got to where you are today in Moab.

    Good to see your daughter and her friend made it out there. I am guessing that you are wishing you had a jeep now!

    1. I do kind of want a jeep. Although every time we hike the Moab rim trail, there are people turning over a rolled Jeep.

  2. Oh! Did you read our friends blog lately?!?!?!?