Friday, April 24, 2015

The Genie is out of the bottle

We quit (notice I didn't say retire) our jobs April 4th 2014. That was the start of our whirlwind of a year we had. I say whirlwind because it went so fast and so much happened. Deep breath, here we go.

I had a big 50th birthday party/going away party April 5th at our house. Then we went to Florida for a week with my daughter and her friend. They thought that they wanted to move there but later on changed thier minds. In the middle of April We went on a 3 week trip, heading to Tennessee for an RV Dreams rally. After the rally we headed up to Pennsylvania to see an old friend. Someone I hadn't seen or heard from in 30 years. We were roommates in the Air Force at Cannon AFB. We then headed home in May and put our house up for sale. It sold in 3 days.

So now we have to start the giant purge. Move our daughter into her new place. Garage sales. Craiglist items, donate stuff and get out of the sticks and bricks by July.

In August we finally hit the road for good. We slowly made our way south because the only plan we had was that we where going to spend our winter in Florida. We stayed at some very nice campgrounds in Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi. In Florida we stayed at St. George Island which we just loved and then moved to Cedar Key. We liked Cedar Key a lot and came back later on. We stayed at Fort Wilderness on Disney property (bucket list item) and our kids then flew in and stayed with us for a week. That was Sept. Then back to Cedar Key for Oct. and Nov. We spent Dec. and Jan. in Debary Fl. , a week in Arcadia Fl. and then we started moving west for our first job in Moab Utah.

So that is our year in a nut shell. Of course we did quite a lot of stuff in those months and stayed in many cool campgrounds, but to go over it now would take to long to blog about it.

So now I hope to be able to explain our journey in more detail than I could have on Facebook. I hope you enjoy and maybe even discover new places in America that you may want to visit and explore. We can't wait for what we hope to find out there.


  1. "The Genie is out of the bottle" that is the second time in two days I have heard that expression. It is weird when you put a whole year into a couple of paragraphs. It seems like a year is a long time to be on a road but when you summarize it a year seems so short.

    Speaking of leaving jobs, Barb and I had a change of plans and we are departing Utah and heading to Oregon for a few weeks. I guess we can't stand the feeling of being tied down for too long.

    One thing you will deal with in the blogging world is if anyone at all is reading it. Hang in there, people are reading it but only a few reply with comments.

  2. Thanks for the support. I just found out Lisa doesn't even read it. ? You say you are "departing Utah". Is that a nice way of saying that you are being run out of town by villagers with pitchforks?

    We have been asked to come back here next year. We would love to, but just can't make a commitment that far out because we don't even know where we will be after Dec. Waiting for your details.