Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Why Robin, Why?

Old man winter is really having a tough time letting go this year. As we sat in the Florida warmth and sunshine this last winter watching the weather up north, we felt sorry for what our kids, mother-in-law and friends had to endure. It was really a long, cold and snowy winter.

Now we sit in the middle of May and the average high temps should be in the 70's. But they are not, they are in the 40's. So we sit in our fifthwheel looking out the window dreaming of warmer weather. As I look out I notice a robin. I have seen it before. Actually I have noticed it for days around our rig. Always carrying dry grass in its beak.

I first noticed it days ago when we had a rental car when our truck was getting fixed. It would hop under the car with the grass and then leave. Only to come back later with more. I said to Lisa that robin was building a nest on the underside of that car. Even if we would drive away for awhile, when we would come back, it would return and start building the nest again.

I then looked under the corner of the fifthwheel and noticed some grass hanging out the bottom of that. It was trying to build a nest there also when the car was gone.
Then we got the truck back from the body shop and I was watching that dang robin go underneath the truck also with a beak full of grass. Lisa went and found a nest that it was building on the leaf spring.

So everyday we do walk arounds to find and remove any nests that they are building. They are very determined to find someplace dry for their nests. I found the start of another nest in our kingpin.
Some might think it cruel to pull down the nests everyday. It's not. The cruel part would be to let them build the nest and lay their eggs in it. Then we would have to leave with the fifthwheel and a nest full of eggs. 

So the nest battle will go on until they find a new location or until we put the fifthwheel into storage, which is happening tomorrow.

"Gladys! Are there bears at Disney?"


  1. That is one determined bird! We had some bluebirds try to build in our kingpin last year, we finally stuffed a towel in there so they could not get in. Instead they went into our shed which in the end was a better place anyway.

  2. We had doves trying to make a nest under our boat on top of our truck. No matter how many times I knocked it down with a broom they kept rebuilding until we left.

  3. Soon you’ll be out. Hopefully the weather improves. We are so tired of cold, windy, rainy, snowy 40s!