Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lay over on the Mississippi gulf coast

After Amazon and after our quick trip to Minnesota, we are making our way out west to Quartzite AZ. We have been putting on a lot of miles so we wanted to spend a few days relaxing at the beach. Last year we were in this area and kind of liked it. This area was hit hard by hurricane Katrina and you can see that it has not recovered after ten years. There are so many houses that have been destroyed and nothing left but foundations and empty drive ways. We went for our morning walk one day and came across a condominium that was in the process of being built until Katrina hit. It has been abandoned and just sits there on the beach empty.

We are staying in Pass Christian. Pronounced Pass Krissty-anne. this is right between Gulfport and Waveland(where we were last year). What I like about this area is the beaches. I got out my metal detector and made 6 cents. Adding that to the 57 cents I found last year and I can almost retire.Granted we have been here both times in the winter and the beaches are deserted, but they are beautiful.

Not to mention the sunsets. There is also a little beach bar that we like to go to. Shaggy's. Nice place to visit if you are driving by.

This area is known for its shrimping. According to some literature I read, it has the largest shrimping fleet in Pass harbor. So I had the shrimp basket at Shaggy's and it did not disappoint. 

I would like to add more to this blog post, but we are in an area with poor Verizon service and each photo is taking 30 minutes to up load. So another day then. West ward HO!


  1. I'm always amazed when Verizon says it has the best coverage (and we love Verizon). We barely get 3G here! A beach looks good about now :)

    1. Lisa has an uncanny knack at finding the areas Verizon doesn't cover. The beach was nice. Looking for the warmth.