The road less travelled

The road less travelled

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Remembering the Alamo

Making our way out west. We stopped in Guadalupe State park north of San Antonio. Now just a little note about Texas State parks. We booked 3 nights at $24.00 a night. Not to bad we thought. We pull into the park and pay the balance. What we didn't know was they also charge you $7.00 a night per person on top of the camping fee. Plus now we have the second vehicle which added another $5.00 a day. So now our 24 dollar a night fee is now 43. Sheesh. States parks are pricing themselves out of our budget anyways. We can stay in a RV park with full hook-ups for 13-18 dollars a night with Passport America. A no brainer. We are currrently at a RV resort with pool, laundry and every thing for $35.00 right now.

No more ranting. Sorry. I have always wanted to see the Alamo.

It is actually a Texas Shrine. It is a very important peice of Texas history. It was a very solomn  experience. The grounds are immaculate. And to tour the Alamo is entirely free. You can't beat that. They had a picture of David Crockett who defended and died at the Alamo. 

But he doesn't look anything like John Wayne.

After the Alamo we walked over to the river walk. I was here once before in 1982. I had a day pass when I was in Basic training and my family picked me up and took me down there. It wasn't what I remembered but it was very nice to walk around there.
Best sight of all.

It is a little bit like Venice with the canal there. We had an over priced lunch at the Agave Bar. It made a nice day trip for us.

Time to get back in the saddle.


  1. Life out here is pretty cheap, see you this afternoon!

  2. We both loved the River Walk. Got to get back there soon :)

    1. There is a lot of food there also. What ever your taste may be.