The road less travelled

The road less travelled

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Open mouth, insert foot

They say that hind sight is 20/20. I guess that that is true. This is what I mean.

Example one: This is before we started this lifestyle. We were camping in a 27 foot travel trailer in Lanesboro MN. When we camped, we were always outside. We never stayed indoors unless it was raining. So we were outside around a fire with the kids, across the road a huge fifth wheel pulls in and sets up. After they are set up they go inside and we don't see them again all weekend.(the camper wasn't even rocking). I said to Lisa "Gawd, we are not going to ever get one of those monstrocities. That is not my way of camping"

Well as fate would have it we did end up with one of those fifth wheels. (would I like fries with that size 10?) Ours is 36 feet. Not the largest and not the smallest, just right.

Example two: This was just recently. We like to walk around campgrounds and look at other peoples rigs and what they have and how they do it. You can get lots of good ideas just from looking at other peoples stuff. But one thing I have always noticed and I think Lisa has also is the number of cars parked at a camp spot. We would walk by and again I would say to Lisa "How many cars do people need to travel with, Gawd!" (would I like dessert with that size 10?)

It is always a learning experience. We have learned that we do need a Jeep for fun day trips and it makes a good grocery getter. So we have a Jeep traveling with us. Lisa drives it behind me and that is working out good for both of us. She can stress out all she wants in her own vehicle and I lead the way. Win-win.

Time for a cold one!


  1. Lol, yeah been there done that. We have to laugh when we're at a campground and all the weekend people drag all their decorations out, and sit outside all weekend, just to pack it all up 48 hours later :)
    I would love to get a second vehicle. We grumble a lot what a pain it is to park the truck when we go out sightseeing.

    1. It is going well so far. Lisa really likes it.

  2. Lanesboro....brings back memories of trout fishing with my buddies in high school, we spent a lot of time down there. Having an additional vehicle can be both a blessing and a curse. It is nice to scope out new spots when arriving to an unknown area, but it sucks driving separately.