Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Preparations for WAR!

OMG! Did Obama get us involved in some kind of conflict that we were not aware of? Did Canada finally get sick of the 2 case of beer crossing the border limits? Has Mexico infiltrated our ranks to take over all of the gardening jobs?

Well the answer to those hard hitting  questions are; maybe, probably and already happened.

The preparations of war that I am talking about are taking place along the Amazon. Many different tribes call the Amazon their home. Living peacefully amongst themselves. But as often happens, things change ever so slowly. The once peaceful natives start to get restless. One tribe ventures into another's territory, one tribe may steal another tribes fish or one tribesman may marry another tribesman's  goat. The reasons vary but are always lingering behind the scenes. Some causes may come from just over crowding.

In the amazon there are tribes called Stowers. A peculiar type of people who like to gather things and stow or hide them away in little cubbies. The more you can hide in a cubbie the better. Also when you hide those items, make sure as to block the path so that no one else can pass by.

Another tribe is called the Pickers. They like to find what the Stowers are hiding and like to give it to other people. Their generosity of giving knows no bounds, because they give and give all day long.

Another tribe is the Packers. Surprisingly they are not from Wisconsin though. They take what the Pickers give them and send it to other people.

So there are the three main tribes along the Amazon. The battles are like this.

The Pickers don't like the Stowers because they block the aisles so no one can get through. They pack the bins too full so that to get anything you almost have to empty the bin.

The Stowers don't like the Pickers because they are always interrupting their job and many times have to make them move.

The Packers get involved because they get wrong items sent to them or wrong quantities. Which could be the Stowers or Pickers fault.

Then to add to the mix there are about 50 new Amazonians a week starting that is causing for lots of over crowding. Some areas are like market day in Bangladesh. Also the design of some areas along the amazon may have been created at Happy hour at the local tavern. Long days and hot temperatures don't really help the situation.

Another side battle is the one between blue badgers(no relation to honey badgers) and the camperforce(travelling freedom fighters). Camperforce people come in for the busy season and drive off into the sunset at Christmas time. They are happy and very hard working because they know it is only temporary. The blue badgers live there and I think their will has been broken. Attitudes are low. But one good thing about the blue badgers is that they will never let a stack of totes fall over because they all seem to be leaning on them when ever you walk by them. They also think that the camperforce are taking all the good jobs. Really? There are good jobs?

I think it is Miller time!