Saturday, November 7, 2020


November 4th

 The weather in November has turned out to be nicer than the weather in October. Highs in the upper 60's and lower 70's has melted all of the snow we had received in October. Giving us a perfect opportunity to move out of the fifthwheel and into the cabin. Moving out of the fifthwheel that has been your home for years always takes at least a day. Fifthwheels are small compared to an actual house, but it is amazing how much stuff you have in there to move. The biggest help I can give Lisa is to stay out of her way and by refilling her wine glass as often as she needs it.

Once that was done, the next day we pulled it outside to drain and winterize it. That also gave us time to develop a parking plan and sweep the barn one last time before winter really sets in. First camper to go in was my sons. It had to go back in the corner.

Once that was in there, I wanted the pickup camper to sit in front of that. Problem is, is that pickup campers don't have wheels so you can't move them around once they are on the ground. Now here is where my genius kicks in. I built a very large cart to set the pickup camper on so that we could wheel it into position once it is unloaded.
Once the camper was off of the pickup, I just lowered it down onto the cart so that it could easily be moved over and out of the middle of the floor. In theory it was to move smoothly and only take few seconds to move but in reality it didn't work that way. Did you know that our pickup camper weighs over 3300 pounds? Lisa and I pushed and grunted and grunted and pushed, but we finally got it moved to where it needed to be. (Dorks on Parade). Once that was done we picked up our spleens and got ready to move the fifthwheel back.
That went much smoother. So we have a travel trailer, a pickup camper and a fifthwheel inside there. Now we just have to get a riding lawnmower, 2 ATV's, a Ranger and my tractor inside as well.
We got everything in except the tractor. Dang! I knew we should have gone bigger. Note to self. When you plan on building something like this, figure out your size and then double it.

So we have moved into the cabin and it is so cozy for us in there. Even if the inside is unfinished. It is warm. Hell, it is actually hot in there with our floor heat system turned on. We haven't even used our wood burning stove yet.
The cats love the warmth. Plus they have so much more room to run around in compared to the campers they have been in.
Our living room.
Our kitchen.
Our bedroom. The bed is messed up because the cats where wrestling on there.
Our laundry/utility room.
Our bathroom.

Now we have all winter to work on the inside as we live in here. I think we will need all winter to do this. I told you about my tennis elbow and carpal tunnel in our last post. The tennis elbow is almost healed but the carpal tunnel hasn't. The pain is non stop. Tylenol and Ibuprofen really don't do anything. Any little movement can send shooting pains through my hand making it very difficult to work on the cabin.

November 6th.

Today I go into the hospital to have a nerve test on my hand. All that it will tell me is that my nerve is pinched which I already know. I guess they will find out where it is pinched.

We were able to hang our bathroom door. We went with a barn type door for the looks. Lisa stained it and we both hung it up. It will look great once I get the hardware and the door frame finished.
Hallway view.

November 7th.

I went in yesterday for my nerve test. Not ever having one before I wasn't sure of what to expect. That was a good thing. The nurse has me lay down and start putting electrodes all over my hand and arm. Then she proceeds to start sending shocks through my muscles and nerve clusters. My arm was twitching and flopping like a fish. 
It was kind of painful getting shocks like that. I think it went on for an hour, but Lisa said it was more like 5 minutes. That wasn't the worst part. Then the Nurolegist comes in and he has a needle electrode and starts stabbing my arm with it. He would push it into different nerves and that would make different tones on the computer. Once he was done with my arm he said to roll over onto my side. He wanted to check my neck. So he stabs me a few more times there. Then the test was finished. He said I had some carpal tunnel but what concerned him is what was going on in my neck. That didn't sound good.

So Monday I see the orthopedic specialist again to find out the results.

On s happier note, we had the grandkids visit us last weekend.

They are a real joy to watch. That is our main purpose this winter while we are here. To see the kids a lot. So that's it for now. I will let you know how the neck thing turns out. Also since it is hunting season, keep your heads down.