Monday, February 21, 2022

February 2022


Just another storm in the north today. I think that brings the total to around 8, but who's counting? This one is expected to dump 8-14 inches of snow. Lately we have been spending 1 to 2 days a week moving snow around. Thankfully I have my tractor.

When I started this blog, it started as a travel blog. I promise that that will happen again. We are making plans as we speak to hit the road again to some fun filled undisclosed locations. I know one thing for sure and that is that I will not be here next winter.

Work on the cabin is progressing. Lisa stained all of the wood we needed for our bedroom. 

While she was doing that i put up some tin along the bottom portion. We have a lot of tin and we wanted to use some more of it. Then I started to install the wood on two walls.

We picked a stain that was a warm color and it closely matched the cedar I put up on the back wall.

It came out really nice. Then Lisa stained the wood for the ceiling. Once she was done with that I quickly put it up. God forbid I sit down for a little while and play a video game.

It is nice having a ceiling over our heads again. It will really help when it rains now. Rain hitting that tin roof was loud.

Since I had to take down our ceiling fan that was in the bedroom, I just put up a regular light fixture. That fan we had was pretty annoying. When you turned on the light and the fan was spinning, it made like a strobe light affect. It made me want to boogie.

Now we just have the utility room to finish, hallway ceiling and the living room/kitchen ceiling, along with all of the trim.  Lisa said that I have 1 year to finish the work or until April, whichever comes first.

One thing we do enjoy is watching the critters around the house. We have a lot of deer in our woods and with so much snow on the ground we try to help them out. So we have bought some alfalfa for them to munch on. We spread it out in several areas so that they don't fight over it.

This is looking out our sliding door. We don't put all of the alfalfa out at once. The bales that we don't put out I leave in my trailer. But those crafty deer know where to find them.

They will jump up into my trailer to get to the alfalfa while the others act like it's a buffet.

If there are any Deerologists out there, please explain to me why they poo where they eat? I don't get it. We see the same deer most every day.

Lisa took this picture through the screen. We have named her Wonky because she has that look about her. That one ear is always down like that. We think she was hit by a car because she has a limp and an open sore on her head. So it must have been recently.

I want to try out a section here for the blog. I want to call it "Pop's corner". It's where you can pull up a seat while I re-gale you with knowledge and common sense. Something that I think is lacking in this country.

First thing I would like to share is this. I spent 26 years in the military. 4 years in the Air Force and 22 in the North Dakota Air National Guard. None of which I regret at all. We had a saying that goes like this. "It's not how fast you can do a job, it's how long you can make a job last." I think that is above every government office. Speaking from my own experience it meant this. Enjoy the work when it is slow because when the poo hits the fan, you will work your tush off.

A dadism popped into my head yesterday out of the blue. My father was and is very well respected in our ever growing mid western city. He knew a lot of people and like me he was terrible with names. Maybe I got that from him, who knows? I could walk up with my wife to someone I haven't seen in awhile and say something like this. "Wow.(Pause to try and remember their names). I haven't seen you in ages. This is my wife........AH.....Mrs's Dino Olivieri". Cool under pressure, that's what I am.

I would remember my dad calling people a "dirty dingus McGhee". As a kid, I didn't know if it was a good or bad thing. For some reason that popped into my head. Maybe because at the time someone pulled out in front of us. So still thinking about it today, I had to google it and by most accounts it was not nice. Now as I put this new knowledge into practice, I can say I know a few "dirty dingus McGhee's". I think they know who they are. LOL!

Pop out!