Sunday, August 30, 2015

Becoming productive members of society

We left Barnesville Minnesota on Aug. 18th to make our way to Campbellsville Ky. We made an overnight stop in Ashland Wi. and than stopped in St. Ignace Mi. for a couple of days.

In St. Ignace I had to fix a broken magnet in one of our trailer wheels. We did a little bit of sight seeing. We climbed Castle rock and we also took a day to go to Mackinac Island. Biking around the island twice. We then stopped over night in northern Indiana and then stopped again in an Army Corps park near Mammoth cave. We did the cave tour. Aside from the size of the cave, which is impressive, we really thought that this was our least favorite cave we have seen.

Now we have arrived in Campbellsville Ky. to work for Amazon and their busy season. We have heard pros and cons about this so we will find out first hand. The campground we are in is a little crowded but the sites are paid for so we will make due. We are not hear on vacation, that's for sure. Not used to all the dry counties here in this state.

So we will be working 40-50 hours a week. Yikes! I hope I remember how to work. Our blog posts might be few and far between and I'm betting not very exciting.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Damn cats.

We are cat people. And that means that there is nothing wrong with dog people. Some of our good friends are dog people and we just kind of overlook that flaw. But we like cats. We have always had at least one cat in our house.

When we hit the road and started full timing we had to leave a cat with my mother-in-law, who graciously accepted him into her home. We knew he wouldn't travel well at all. He was a bit quirky. She already had two quirky cats, what's one more.

But it is sad when they get old and when it is just time to let go of them. They just find a way to burrow into your heart and dwell there. So we got the news today that it was his time. We will miss him as we miss all of the cats we have had to say good bye to. We are always reminded of them when we watch our home movies. They were always around and always a part of the family.

Good bye Scowt.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"We are not on vacation! This is our life!" Quote from Lisa Olivieri

Being on the road is actually our life now. But every once in awhile we just have to stop and become a tourist. It's not a bad thing.

We  left Barnesville MN. last Tuesday and drove to Ashland WI. and it rained and rained. We left the next morning again in the rain. I thought I had our slide fixed but it still leaked. The water comes up from the road and gets in somewhere. So we don't want to drive in the rain if we don't have to. We then got into St. Ignace MI. That is on the U.P. side of the Mackinac bridge. Quaint little town. But when we pulled in we were hearing this loud squealing from the RV.

So the first day here I had to find out what was making that noise. I started taking the wheels apart to check them out. I found that the magnet that activates our brakes on one wheel broke and was just banging around inside the brake drum. Of course it was raining while I was doing this. Ordered a new magnet and the next day put it back together. Hopefully it works. We haven't pulled it out of the campground yet.

Now the tourist bit. Friday we went to Castle rock. For $1.00 dollar each we could climb up to the top of it for a scenic view. The price was right.
Looking at St. Ignace and Lake Huron
It's not a big climb up to the top. But a lot of people struggle with it.
My favorite view
We then went into St. Ignace and walked their boardwalk. Nice walk along the lake. Even though we are on a lake it seems like you are on the ocean. The water was so clear.
The water was so clear.
The ferry's where busy going back and forth from Mackinac Island.
Island ferries
Saturday we got up and got our bikes down to the docks. We boarded and enjoyed a nice 30 minute cruise over to the island. There are faster ferry's but we wanted to enjoy the ride over. We biked around the island which is 8 miles around.
Found a cannon so I had to get a picture.
Stopped at Arch rock. I thought we left those in Utah.
Arch rock
It was a fun day. We had lunch at the Yankee Rebel Tavern. Did some shopping and even went around the island again going the other way for a different view. Then back on the ferry for the ride back.

So a fun couple of days. On to our next destination.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Have Mercy on us.

We are still here in Barnesville Minnesota. Pronounced "Mini-so-tah" if you want to come up here and speak our language. But the clock is ticking down to where we are near the kick-off of year 2 on the road. "T" minus 6 days and counting.

Now to the reason for the title of this blog. Those that are enjoying this lifestyle will understand what I am talking about. So time is running out on us and we still have things to do. I took the truck in for service at the Dodge dealer in Fergus Falls MN. They did an oil change, transmission flush, fuel filter, and rotate the tires. Two weeks later our tire pressure monitoring system goes off for a rear tire on the truck. I check it out and find a bad valve stem. So I then take the truck to Moorhead MN. where I got the tires because I have tire damage coverage on them. They look at the tire and then say, we can't fix that because the tires are too worn.

Too worn? I thought I could get another year out of them but no. So I make arrangements to get 6 new tires. In changing the tires they notice that the front ball joints have some play in them and they tell me they are worn and need replacing. What? I tell them to put the tires on and then I will take it to the Dodge dealer in Fargo ND. where I bought the truck. They take it apart and check it out and tell me that they are fine. Everything is with in limits.

So just a couple of things to ponder then. Why didn't the Dodge dealer in Fergus Falls tell me how worn the tires were before they rotated them and charge me for that? They could have made a sale. Second. The tire place, where they just trying to get me to do the ball joints with them? That would have been another $1200 dollar bill.

I know we are putting a lot of miles on the truck and pulling the camper puts more added wear and tear on it. So I do expect things to wear and need to be replaced. But seriously, they don't need to screw us at the same time. I have had service done at 2 dealers in Florida and a dealer in Colorado and felt comfortable with the work they did and recommended.

So the title. We are truely at the mercy of these dealers. Most are honest, but you have to keep your eye on them.