Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jeeping Hell's Revenge, Oh my!

Our son Roman is here visiting us for a couple of weeks. He has really turned into a fitness buff so he has a lot of things he wants to do while he is here. Yesterday we took him to hike the Moab rim trail. The last time Lisa and I did this it was in the lower 70's. Now it has warmed up and it was 90 yesterday. It nearly killed me. I started suffering from heat exhaustion. We had plenty of water but still.
Roman looking at Moab
So today we took him on a Jeep ride thru Hell's Revenge. I say we, not meaning Lisa and I because she didn't want any part of it. It is a 6 out of 10 Jeep trail. So she volunteered to work for Leyman so that he could take Roman and I.
Tour guide Leyman
Leyman has been Jeeping for 50 years so I felt very comfortable with him driving. In fact he knows so much about the trails here in Moab that when anyone asks us about them at the campground, we send to see Leyman.
Leyman's Jeep
It was another hot and sunny day here. I was glad we weren't hiking this. Lot's of people out on the trail. We went to the Colorado river overlook.
Colorado river
The views, like I have said many times before are spectacular.
Roman bringing the gun show.
Driving this trail didn't take very long. 3 hours. So the 3 of us drove back to town for a great burger at Milt's. It was a fun drive. Hiking it first sure helped me to know what to expect on this trail. No real surprises. Not even when we did the tip over challenge. Jeeps, I have to admit are amazing vehicles.

It is getting so hot out I have to have many frosty one to stay hydrated.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Jeeping the 7 mile rim trail

We have been here in Moab and finally went Jeeping. What the H*** you say. Yes it is true. For one thing we don't own a Jeep so that makes it hard to do in the first place. Second our neighbors felt sorry for us and invited us along for a Jeeping good time. I had a great time but I don't think I can get Lisa to do it every day. The trail we went along on was called the 7 mile rim trail. There were 5 other couples that went also so we had a nice group to go with.
Convoy of Jeeps
One thing to know about any Jeep trails here in Moab is that they all have ledges and lots of climbing. Also very bumpy. I have to keep checking to find out where my spleen was all day.
Our hosts Leyman and Jane
This trail winds around a ledge for many miles (maybe 7, hmmm.) and there is a Arch up in there.
Uranium arch
Like I have said before, every trail and road leads to something beautiful and different.
The view from the rim
We went farther and farther into this wilderness area. Leyman has been Jeeping for 50 years. He is like the local authority in the camp ground on all the trails so he was the wagonmaster. Our lunch spot for the day was between the rock formations "The Monitor and Merimac". For those that have been here before you know the formations. We had no idea you could drive out to them, let alone have lunch between them. They are named after the two iron clad ships that fought each other during the Civil war.

The Monitor

The Merimac
We had lunch at the base of these two formations.
This area of Utah is so unbelievable. We were here 7 years ago and just got a taste of it. Just enough to make us want to come back. If you have never been to this area, try it. It will not disappoint. 

Having one with Frosty.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cat Collecting

Ever since Lisa graced me with her presence by saying "I Do" 26 years ago we have always had a cat. Usually more than one at a time. So when we hit the road last year we decided to do it with out any fur babies. Well we made it 6 months with out one and we just felt like we were missing something. Sure we missed our kids and I am not saying that they are kid replacements. But kids are people and they need to go and live their own lives. I suppose they could have lived with us for ever, but that was not going to happen.

Like I said, we made it 6 months. We were in the Orlando area and we kept checking the shelters. I really wanted to rescue one or two. The Orlando area has a high kill rate because of the large amount of cats in the area. So January second we went to a shelter and found a couple of cats that wanted us. I say they wanted us because we let them pick us out. I went into the area where they have the male cats and sat down on a bench and I wanted to see who was the friendliest. That is where we found Moose.
Moose being sexy
He has a neat personality and is pretty smart. He is also a big cuddler.

So we traveled from Florida to Moab Utah. He traveled really well and seemed to like the change of scenery. Many times though we would have to leave him alone all day. So when we got home he would be pretty fiesty. So we decided to find him a playmate. Lisa wanted a kitten for him since he was in the house first. That way he could be the dominate male. Moab doesn't have a lot of cats here. Apparently they have the stray population under control. That's good for the city but not us looking to rescue another one.

Well as luck would have it we were able to find a kitten. Our boss Kim at the camp ground was getting a mother cat with 3 kittens. She knew Lisa was wanting one so she said Lisa could have one. So that is how we now have our second cat. Journey is her name because of the journey we are on.
I like her look. She always looks so dis-interested. They really get along well together. They entertain each other all day long and Moose has really developed a lot of tolerance.
Journey bugging Moose while he was napping
They are fun to watch.
How cute is that.
We have a little bucket on the table that we put napkins and silverware in. She thought it would be a great place to sit. Now I hope that Lisa doesn't want to collect a cat from every state.

Time for a frosty one.

Friday, May 22, 2015


No, I did not eat a questionable burrito from a gas station. Nor did I eat some Salsa from a vendor at a street fair. Hell's Revenge is a Jeep trail which you can hike on. It is rated a 6 out of 10 so if you are going to drive your Jeep on it, beware.
The first of many obs-tickles
The trail is very challenging. Starting with the entrance. climbing this rock to start the trail.
Hell's Revenge
There are lots of large rock climbs. In fact the trail is mostly on rocks like this.
Can you find the trail?
Don't worry about the tire marks on the rock. If they closed the trail now. In 5 months there would be no sign at all that there was a trail there. There was one rock formation called "The Lion's Back". It is closed now due to several reason's(google it). Some say it was too dangerous, others say it was on private land and someone bought it to build condo's. Now when you go by it, there are no tire tracks at all on it.
Colorado River and hwy. 128 or River Road
We hiked to the end and found this stunning view. The Colorado river and Hwy. 128. We biked that path that runs along the hwy. and didn't realize you could get up on top of there. It just goes to show you that you have to get in there and explore.
The views are stunning
This was a very strenuous hike. Lots of climbing and descending and over all length was 8.7 miles. We were pretty tired by the end.
Bull snake
Wednesday we heard on the news to watch out for snakes. They were coming out of hibernation. Sure enough, we then saw this big fellow. He was 4-5 feet long. At least it wasn't a rattler.
Hot Tub
This is called the Hot Tub. People drive into it and then try to drive out. The trail was very dead this day so there was no one playing in it. In fact we hardly saw anyone at all. After 5 hours we staggered out of the wilderness and back into civilization. And just a side note. Moab got it's name from the Bible. Moab is the wilderness that Moses and the Isrealites wondered around in for 40 years. Tune in tomorrow, Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Guns and Dynomite. What could go wrong?

We were checking out at the local grocery store yesterday and the clerk was very excited because he was going to have a super weekend. He continued to tell us about his plans and one thing got me a little interested. He said that he was going to a dynomite shoot on Saturday. So when I got back to the campground I asked Ron the owner about it. It was near the little town of La Sal south of Moab. He made a quick call and got the information and said that if I wanted to shoot he would bring some guns. I said, "Hell Yeah!"

This is how it works. They put a 1/3 stick of dynomite into a pop can and then place that pop can at different distances to shoot at. The distances today were at 350 yards and 780 yards.
5 targets at 350 yards
This is a fund raiser for the La Sal fire department. Once the targets are set up, you pay 2 dollars for 2 shots. If you hit the dynomite, it blows up which is cool to watch and you win the pot. It was harder than everyone thought. It was cold, windy and rainy. So you had a lot of different factors involved that caused everyone to miss. I missed by an inch on several attempts, even shooting a strange gun.
Ron taking a shot at it
After about 2 and half hours someone hit the 780 yard target. It was really neat watching that explode on the hillside. I have to give Ron a big Thanks for letting me use his rifle. I met some friendly people, donated to a good cause and had lots of fun in the mean time. When in Moab, do as the Moabians. I will definately be better prepared the next time.  Staying frosty.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rainy days and Jeep Safari versus UTV Rally

Well we haven't done a whole lot the last couple of days. Why not? You ask. We thought you guys where so adventurous and out doorsy and all that junk. The reason is that there has been so much rain lately. If you want to drive and explore the area you take dirt roads out there. They quickly turn to impassable soon as it rains and we don't want to be stuck out there. And as far as hiking goes, the wash's or creeks that were dry just a couple of days ago can be water filled now. So those are our excuses for sitting in camp which brings me to my next topic.

Jeep Safari versus the UTV rally. We were here for the Jeep rally, which was very peaceful. These Jeepers would get up early in the morning and ride the trails all day and then return and do nothing. Now we are here for the UTV rally. Those are the side by side ATV type vehicles. These people get up early and drive around the campground in circles to wake thier buddies. They don't walk to other campsites, they drive, even if it is only 3 sites away. All day long you hear a steady buzzing like bee's. Then you have the ones that are constantly racing around. Go to the trails people. The camp ground is completely full. Because you have people with giant toyhaulers with UTV's in them. Then they usually have multiple groups in one campsite, so they have trucks, trailers and UTV's. The campsites are full, the roads are full of vehicles. People are actually having to back thier fifth wheels out of the park. It is crazy!

That is off my chest now. I hope that I won't do that a lot. But being stuck inside for a couple days just watching the whole thing going on is plain crazy. If you own a UTV I hope that I did not offend you and if I did, get over it. Trying to stay Frosty.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Princess week

Princess week is finally over! Princess week? You ask. Well that is a good question. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable while I  tell you the tale.

A long, long, long, long long, long time ago in a place far, far, far, far, far away. There was an extremely attractive, handsome young hunk of a beef cake of a man named Dino. And also there was Lisa. Actually we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. That is the start of Princess week and then on Sunday it was Mothers day. So for days she was demanding all this special treatment. You should have seen what she demanded that I wear all week.
Jogging down the Mill Creek path
Actually that is not me. A very close reproduction though. This guy was running the Redrock relay and came running past us. I had my arms full trying to hold Lisa back.

Back to our anniversary now and Mothers day. What did I get Lisa for those very special occasions? Absolutely nothing. When we chose to do this lifestyle we purchased everything we needed to live on the road. Plus living in an RV you don't have a lot of room for lots of extra stuff. So we didn't exchange gifts. We decided to get a camel back because of all the hiking we do so I said that that was my gift from her. She wants a fitbit, so when we get to a larger city we will get her one and that will be her gift. 

We didn't even exchange cards or flowers. I know, you probably think I am a cad. But we know our money is limited so we didn't want to waste it. Cards just get thrown in a drawer and flowers die. We did however enjoy some very nice meals because you can always use food. So other than that we haven't done a whole lot. Spring weather in Utah is wet and windy. Stay Frosty my Peeps.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Walking with Dinosaurs and battling the Poison Spider

After a couple of days of rain (who would of thought it would rain so much in the dessert) there was a dry period before another rain event hits again tonight and tomorrow.  We decided to do a long hike because we have been inside too much. We enjoyed our coffee and breakfast as usual and headed for the trail head around ten-ish. We drove down the Potash road to the Dinosaur tracks trail head. It is not a long trail because the tracks are very close to the road. It is really cool that there are so many areas here with dinosaur tracks so easily accsessable. This is the third set that we have seen. Also just beyond the tracks there are 2000 year old petroglyphes. We have come across a lot of those actually on most hikes. We kind of know where to look for them now and we usually find them when we do look.
Dinosaur tracks. Allosaurus
This was a slab of rock that that fell and the tracks were exposed.
It was a big one.

It was pretty cool just touching the foot print that was put there millions of years ago. It's hard to imagine. I shall never wash my hand again.

After that we went up the Poison Spider trail. It is a Jeep trail and mountain bike trail. You can also hike it. Being Thursday, the trail was pretty quiet. On weekends it can get pretty busy.
Poison Spider
This was a stock Jeep trying to go up the trail. He turned around not much further. He had high hopes. You really need a modified Jeep to get up this trail. It is rated a 6 out of 10 for difficulty. Once you climb up there you get into a really nice area.
She is always smiling
We have hiked a lot of trails here and every one seems to be different in terrain and scenery. We are just amazed at it all.
Another amazing view
This was a rather long hike and we knew we couldn't do it all so we decided to hike for 3 hours and then turn around.
Near the top
Like I said, we pretty much had the whole trail to ourselves. Sorry I have to put so many comments after each photo. If I don't, when I insert the next picture it drops it in some random spot.
A child's grave
This was up at the top. And it looked like people give a tribute to her as they go by. There were toys, coins and lots of misc. stuff. I didn't have any change or toys, but I did find a washer fluid cap and a wooden token to leave. I hope the ghost of that little girl will accept those. 

That is it for another action packed day. Today (Friday) we are having a wind event and then rain tonight and tomorrow so lots of TV time. Stay Frosty.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A stroll down Park Avenue and a death hike.

Yesterday we awoke to gloomy clouds that looked a little threatening. So we continued with our morning routine of sitting around drinking coffee, making breakfast and checking out the weather on TV, Internet, and sticking our heads out the door to see if it was going to burn off. By 11:00 we were ready for the "Go no go" decision. It was a go. So we headed into Arches to do a short hike in case the weather turned on us. We wanted to do the Park Avenue hike. It is a 1 mile hike that is meant for people to be dropped off at one end and then picked up at the other end. So it was 2 miles for us, because we went to the end and turned around and hiked back.
Every time that we drive by this hike the parking lot is always full so we figured that the trail would be elbow to elbow. Apparently  everyone walks the 100ft. paved path. Stop. Take a picture and then leaves with out going into the canyon to hike it. They really miss a nice easy hike. We hardly saw anyone in there.
Water worn rock
It is really amazing the power wind and water have on rock.
Park Avenue
The death hike was in a place on the Potash road. This is the view from the road.
Hike entrance
There is a small parking area and no signs to mark the hike. It was like heading into the bowels of the earth. We didn't know anything about this hike, how hard it was or how long it was so we just kind of winged it.
Travelling through time
It is funny that all the information that we have picked up and read that there was nothing about this hike. We didn't think about googling the hike until we were way into it going where is the f-enhimer end. The hike is to the Jeep arch. An arch in the shape of a Jeep.  So away we went. Over a 1000 foot elevation gain and 2 miles in one way uphill. It was truly beautiful on this hike and since it is not in a National park, we saw only 2 other people.
On the way up
When you get in there it turns into a loop. We went right. There should have been a sign to say go left for better views of the arch.
Jeep arch
So after our long climb up to the arch, we really didn't see it until we were upon it. So if you ever decide to do this hike, go left for these views. Remember it turned into a loop so we got these pictures going down.
Jeep arch again
Jeep arch as we get farther away.
Jeep Arch
And yet still farther away.
Saying good bye to it
All in all it was another great hike. 

Just a behind the scenes admission. I am really trying to figure out how to post pictures on this type of sight. It is weird that things will go along great and then it will drop a photo where I don't want it and then trying to move it doesn't work so eventually I have to delete it and start over. It gets frustrating so if anyone has advice let me know. Stay Frosty my friends.

Friday, May 1, 2015

2 breathtaking adventures in 2 days*

*Don't try this at home kiddies, we are professionals.

We were sitting in our lounge chairs after work on Monday and started to realize that we only have 1 month left here in Moab. There are so many things that we want to see and do. So panic mode set in for Lisa. So I grabbed a paper bag and put it over her head. Wait, I guess she needed to breathe in it. Actually like two aspiring adults that we want to be, we listed everything that we want to do and put them on little pieces of paper and then we just draw out of the hat. Very scientific. All those nights watching "The Big Bang" is finally paying off for us in our scientific methods.

First adventure (Tues.) was a hike to Landscape arch. Well we had noticed that there is also a loop hike that goes beyond that into what is called the Devil's garden. 7.2 miles beyond.
Landscape Arch

The trail to Landscape Arch has been re-done since last we were here. So to get to the arch it is considered an easy hike. Beyond that it turns into a primitive trail and goes from easy to difficult. But we didn't let that  scare us out of there. Next you climb up a narrow rock hill and there are more arches up in there. I didn't get a photo of that but will try to do better next time. Next you come to two more arches, Navajo and Partition arch.
Navajo arch
The hike starts to get really interesting after that. Lots of edges to shimmy by, inclines and descents that really start to make your legs weak. One section you have to slide down the rock face on your butt because the rock is so steep and then take a 4 foot jump at the bottom. Tweaked my ankle on that one. Then you get to the double O arch.
Double O arch
We then took a right turn and continued down the primitive trail. It was really nice because there were less people yelling and screaming and the views were spectacular as always. This part of the trail is fun also. Lots more shimmying and much more butt sliding. Don't purchase expensive new hiking pants and then do this trail. In fact make sure you are wearing under-pants for added layers.
Book Cliff formations
All in all it was a fantastic hike. It was nice getting away from the crowds. Arches National Park can get quite crowded. Some hikes are like walking down a New York City street.

Adventure number two. (Weds.) Since I tweaked my ankle and Lisa felt her hip was out of place, we decided to take the drive to the southern part of Canyonlands National park. The Needles area. 75 miles one way to get there. If you only have one day to do Canyonlands, go to the Island in the Sky area by Moab. The Needles area is neat, but the views are so much better at Islands.
Newspaper rock. 2000 year old petroglyphs
We drove all the way to the end of the road to see what there was. There are some good views, but apperantly  this part of the park is really popular with back-packers.
canyon overlook
This part is famous for the needle formations, but you can't get close to them unless you are hiking.
The Needles from the road.
So that is what we did the last couple of days in our dull and boring lives. If you would like a transcript of this blog, write down everything you read. Until the next Blog, "Stay Frosty my friends".