Tuesday, November 23, 2021

November 2021


As I sit down to write this, I am bathed in the glow of the "Beaver Moon". Now rest assured that the way I ended the last blog is not the reason that I have written this one. That being said, I go on the record for saying "I did not crap myself". Such a litigious society we live in.

The reason for this blog is that I want to tell everyone (code for 2 or 3 followers) that I had my final Mayo Clinic visit last week. When I saw the doctor, he was pretty happy with the progress. I was moving my finger and the sensitivity which is still there, is getting better. He said that I can start using my hand again as long as I still be careful and not over do it.

So after 13 months of pain and anguish, I can finally say that things are finally getting better. 

This was after the first surgery from December of 2020.

Second sergury from October of 2021.

And the final product from today, November 2021.

Things can again progress on our cabin, plans for the future can be made and life can continue on. I just hope I don't break a hip or anything now. Fingers crossed. 

The holidays are fast approaching so we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and we would like to remind everyone to remove your mask as you eat your turkey. I know it goes against popular belief but trust me, your turkey will taste better.

Stand by for future progress updates.