Sunday, July 26, 2015

Assessing our accomplishments

We came back to Minnesota for a number of reasons. Number one was to see our kids, family and friends. Number two was to get our yearly medical appointments taken care of and thirdly was to get repair work done on the house and truck.

So with that in mind we have been very busy to say the least. We stayed 3 weeks with Lisa's mom in here driveway which is no easy feat to get into. It has an S-curve to it lined with very large trees. So with the help of Lisa's mom on one side and Lisa watching the other we got in after about 20 minutes. At one point I think I was stuck. I couldn't go forward or backwards. But with a little bit of destruction to the neighbor's across the street landscaping we got in. That will be the last time till one major tree is gone. The sweat was flowing freely when I got out of the pick-up. We spent a lot of time visiting with Lisa's mom and 98 year old Grandfather. Kendra has been visiting every weekend. We have seen our son a couple of times but he is very busy working and a new girlfriend.

Our appointments are going well. No major medical issues to worry about or minor ones. Our new kitten has been fixed and she is ready for the road again.

Repairs to the house and truck are a little more involved. When we were in Florida at the RV-Dreams boon docking rally our water heater quit working on propane. It worked on electric, however we didn't have electric at that time. So every time we wanted a shower we would have to turn on the generator. Annoying to the neighbors I'm sure. So that was on the list to get fixed in Minnesota. Then when we were in Colorado, I looked under the rig and noticed some sagging. Looked inside and saw that our fresh water tank bracket was bending. I put a tie down strap on it and hoped it would make it back to MN. It did without falling on the highway.
Underbelly re-inforced with hardened steel.

Lisa is a master with caulking so she attacked the shower and re-caulked that and fixed our shower handle. I replaced our interior door knobs. The bathroom one broke after a million trips to the pooper. I upgraded our TV antenna to a HD one. Have not broken down and gotten a dish yet. Probably won't. Wheel bearings were re-packed. Supposed to be done yearly but a year goes by fast. It was 2 year on the last time it was done.
Razer HD antenna. Looks like a big spatula. :-)

The truck had it's usual maintenance done to it. I had a grill guard on the front of the pick-up. But one winter in Minnesota made it start to rust like crazy. The ocean air didn't help much either.So I took it off and it is getting Line-Xed as we speak. That should prevent any rock chips or rusting. When we were in Moab Utah for Jeep Safari they were Line-Xing everything. Looked pretty tough.

That raps up mainly what we have been doing. A few odds and ends to take care of and a few more people to see and have some frosty ones with them.


  1. Great having you in my driveway! The tree is going down this fall. Has been an issue for many years.

    1. I hope so if you want us back. Also sewer, water and electic in your driveway would be nice also. Just saying.

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  3. We had a similar issue with our fresh water tank. The plywood holding it up was very thin and had gotten wet, rotted and started to sag. I replaced it with 5/8" and it was good to go.