Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lessons Learned on our Second Trip Down the River

The only lesson learned is that this J-O-B sucks. It sucks with a giant moist slurping sound. I don't want to elaborate anymore than I already have because everything I mentioned in previous blogs still holds true. That would be beating a dead stick with a horse. It's a love hate relationship. We love to hate it.

I am terrible with names. So I have given so many people here nicknames that only we know. (Affectionately) Such as:
Pockets, Bubba (there are quite a few Bubbas), Gangsta couple, Bitch Face, The Twins, Speedy (he actually likes that one), Spandex Granny, The Tool, The Lemon Ballers, Doofus, Bozo, Jabba the Hut, Nasty Hat and The Genie. Also there are just too many that are just called Dumb Ass. (Affectionately)

I will miss how much this company cares about our well being. They do, they offer free bottled water all day to stay hydrated. In fact there is a pee chart in every bathroom so that you can verify the color of your urine to the chart to see how hydrated you are. It's easier for men than women I assume.

We have learned that we are not big fans of camping in cold weather. No matter how well these things are built, they just are not made for it. Our water hose froze once because we worked a ten hour shift when it was below freezing. Just too long of time to not have water flowing through it and I had even wrapped pipe insulation around it. The sewer lines froze due to the fact that one of our tank valves doesn't work, leaving liquid in the pipe. It's a good thing that propane is cheap here because we are burning through a lot of it. Still can't get toasty warm though.

On a positive note. We will be leaving here with our Bonus's. Both of us. A dollar an hour for every hour worked. Cha-ching!

As you read this we will be traveling north to the frozen tundra. So, for all of you sitting on a beach reading this, I hope your little umbrella drink tips over.


  1. Glad to hear you made it through. Look for a job in Texas next winter and we will join you guys!

  2. Safe travels and have a Merry Christmas! 🎄

  3. Another year done at Amazon! Congrats! I thought we were crazy being in PA at this time of year, but I now I'm thinking you win heading to (I assume) MN. Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

  4. Safe travels to MN to you both, and Merry Christmas! I hope our paths cross somewhere in 2017.