Sunday, September 16, 2018

Geocache Emergency

Tick, tick, tick, tick,------- tick, tick, tick,-------tick, tick, tick,tick, tick,----tick, tick.

"Holy telegraphs Batman! What is going on in the batcave?" Batgirl said to me.

"I don't know, the telegraph machine is going crazy Batgirl" I said "Read what it says."

"Goecache emergency. Stop. Can you help. Stop. Geocache missing. Stop. Please verify. Stop. In your debt forever. Stop. STD. Stop. End of message. Stop."

"Odd, very odd Batgirl. Do we have any friends with STD's?" I said. "You know it could be any number of people. Check the teletype machine. See if there is any more information."

"Good idea Batman. That probably has more information. It says 'Our geocache in colorado has been reported missing. Can you swing by since you are out of your undisclosed location and check on it. We will be in your debt forever and ever. Steve and Deb.' Oh, that's where STD comes from. I mean the initials. Sheez." a blushing Batgirl said.

So with coordinates in hand and the Batmobile gassed and loaded up we set off to Colorado to look for the elusive geocache that went missing. Normally we only go on missions like this to look for Sasquatches but we made an exception this time. The geocache was located outside of the town of Gunnison, Colorado.  The information we were given was that it was called Pirate Mack's Booty. "Booty" obviously referring to the pirates butt, but we don't judge. The cache was loaded with pirate "booty".

In my opinion, if you load a treasure with pirate "booty" and put an "X" on the map and put that map on the internet, pirates are going to get it. That is what they did. The cache was gone, so we did what we could do. The new cache has Halloween eyeballs and dinosaurs in it. Hopefully that will deter the pirates in the future.
Finished product

Me doing all of the work

Record of the new cache

We came out of the wilderness for that mission and now we have gone back off the grid.


  1. You guys are the best! I don't care what anyone says ;-)
    Thanks a million! We have an STD, I mean, lunch, waiting for you!

    1. Looking forward to the "STD" I guess. If we ever meet that is.

  2. Way to save the day! I am surprised that you did not put a little something extra and more Dino-like in the cache!