Saturday, October 6, 2018

OMG, I Can't Believe it has been Six Months Already

As October starts. I stop to think about how much has gone on this summer. The birth of our first grandson, Virgo. The death of Lisa's grandfather, Archie. Our little project in the woods that has occupied us all summer. Kendra moving back to Minnesota from Florida. Roman and Heather buying their first house and us helping them to move out and into their new house. The infamous Turtle Expedition. Kendra moving into an apartment in Fargo. And finally we think that Lisa's father's estate may finally by coming to an end after an entire year of having to deal with that legal mess.

Also how long have we been here? I can't believe it has been over 6 months. We got to Minnesota April 1st and there was still snow on the ground, a lot of snow. (I hope we can get out of here before the snow comes.) The campgrounds were not open yet. Now it is October 6th and the campgrounds have closed. We have just finished up our commitments here. Now we can head to warmer weather. So we started out here in Lisa's mother's driveway and we have ended up here again. I can't thank her enough for her tolerance.

The weather has definitely turned cooler here now. Lows in the thirties and sometimes twenties and the highs only being in the forties. With temps like that for long periods of time the fifthwheel does not get warmed up.

 Lisa has spent the week at my sons house nice and warm and she came home and said "No wonder we are going through so much propane, you have it set a 70."

To which I had to reply," I am trying to stay warm, not being cheap now. Get me to warmer weather and I will turn it down."

And so it goes, the life of "The Bickersons" as our kids call us.

Next up, The Great River Road. Look it up, its a thing.


  1. The Great River Road sounds fantastic! We've only seen bits and pieces of it. How fun to do the entire thing! I hope your next year is a bit more relaxed. And don't worry, we won't be anywhere *near* there ;-)

    1. Oh sure, now that you owe us you are actively avoiding us. LOL.

  2. "Bout time! Get those wheels rolling to someplace warmer and we will catch up to you in a couple months!

    1. No arguement here. We are anxious to see the new Barb and the old you.