Monday, February 25, 2019


We are between shows at the moment. That gives us time to do other things. To relax and to sightsee. We are still at the Florida State Fairgrounds before we move over to the Strawberry Festival on Monday. The weather is extremely warm which we love. So with the warm weather we had to get back to the beach.

Our plan was to go to Venice Beach in Venice, Florida. It is a little bit farther away but they have shark teeth that you can find right on the beach. We were here last year and I excavated about a couple of tons of sand and found nothing. This time I was just casually scooping up handfuls of shells when I finally found one.
As you can see that it isn't that big. Must be from a baby shark, da doo da doo da doo baby shark. Our plan was to get to the beach early. Sit and enjoy it for awhile. Then go to a beach bar for lunch and then go to Siesta Key Beach which is Florida's number one beach. So the first part of the day went as planned.
Venice beach wasn't that crowded and the water is starting to warm up. Well we were getting hungry so we packed up and were going to drive to Siesta Key and hopefully find a cute little place for lunch along the way. That plan didn't work out very well. We couldn't find a place to eat and when we got to Siesta Key, the parking lots where full. We were about to call it a day but when we were driving through Longboat Key, we found a small little beach without very many people.
We frolicked in the surf for about an hour having fun. We also got sunburnt. Oops. Then we started to head home. Florida is a nice place to visit but I would not want to live here. I hate the traffic. It doesn't matter what time of day it is either. There is always traffic. It took us 2 and half hours to go 55 miles. No wonder there is so much road rage around here.

I also took the time to create my own beer flight. I call it the working man's beer flight and you can buy them in bulk at Wal-mart.
You know it's good because it's served on a piece of wood.

We also took a day to get over to Busch Gardens. It wasn't busy like Disney usually is and it is a nice park if you like to ride roller coasters. They have quite a few and also some good animal exhibits. They have also brought back free beer. Each person gets two free beers. Nothing wrong with that.

It's Monday and we are at the Florida Strawberry Festival grounds. It's a change of scenery anyways and the festival starts on Thursday. We are making plans for our journey back to Minnesota and also we have a big announcement for later on. So stay tuned for some exciting news.


  1. Love that beer flight! I am surprised that you did not take your metal detector to the beach. Why isn't there any pictures of the sun goddess Lisa on the beach?!?!?

    1. I should have brought the metal detector. I enjoy doing that but we wanted to sit and swim. She will only let strangers look at her in her bathing suit, not friends.