Friday, April 12, 2019

Northward Bound

Well, it was inevitable. I turned 55! Not by my choosing. But it happened and I must move on with my life. It just means one year closer to getting that scooter I have always been wanting.
This is the one I have had my eye on now. It has knobby tires for off roading or hiking. It goes about 30 mph so I can keep up with Lisa while she death marches.  You can even get a little trailer for it to haul your beer, cats or groceries. In that order. Moose would be in the basket, beer in the trailer and Lisa would have to carry the groceries. If you Google handicap scooters, hit images, you would be amazed at the different types of scooters out there. They are just not for old people anymore.

My birthday was pretty quiet. Just Lisa, the cats and I. I got a new electric razor because my old one sucked. Also the original Star Wars movies to complete my set. Now I can have a Star Wars marathon and get my geek on as I watch it with my lightsaber in hand (keep your minds out of the gutter). Lisa took me out to a BBQ place for dinner in Waynesville,NC. 
Fat Buddies Ribs and BBQ. With a name like that it has to be great. I like the motto also. "So good it will make you squeal." We decided to order the"Pig Out Platter for Two". I love the names.
One happy birthday boy. There was half a chicken. A full rack of ribs. 1/4 lb of brisket and a 1/4 lb of pulled pork. Double order of baked beans, french fries, garlic toast and coleslaw. All for 32 bucks. What a deal.
As hard as we tried, we could not finish it. They were right. We were squealing at the end. Then we wobbled home for some key lime pie for desert.

We left Waynesville, NC and traveled just a short distance to an undisclosed location in Tennessee. Our friends Bob and Deb, who we met at Amazon a few years ago own some land with RV hookups! So at the last minute we called them up and invited ourselves to stay with them. What are friends for, right? It was such a short notice that they didn't have time to pack up and leave. They reluctantly disclosed their location to us and we found it and pulled in. 

They have a nice setup and it is for sale if anyone is interested in some property near Gatlinburg. I think it is for sale because we know where it is now.
You have a spot to park your camper in that is covered and private. That little building next to it is a outdoor kitchen and laundry room. There is also a loft with a bed in there for company.
Side view of the outdoor kitchen.
Then you have a carport with a garage in it. We are parked in one of the RV sites with full hookups.
The third RV site is next to us. Again with full hookups. There is a fourth RV site but you have to park in the back in the grass near the outdoor kitchen. Full hookups with that one also.
This is a side view of the carport/garage. Bob built in a 1 1/2 bath inside there also for company. A nice fire pit centrally located.
You have a covered pavilion for gatherings and entertaining.
And also a shed to store your lawn mower and other things. It is set up really nice and they have done a lot of improvements to it since they have bought it. Everything can easily be drained and winterized when you are not there. It gave us ideas of what we might want to do on our property in Minnesota.

We parked and quickly got set up. We sat around and talked, then they made us a great dinner and we talked some more. Then a fire and more talking. It was a fun evening. We had to leave early the next morning. 9 AM is early for us, so we called it a night. Next morning we said our goodbyes and hit the road. I am really bad at not getting group pictures and will have to get better at that. Here's a close facsimile of what we looked like. They may also want to stay anonymous. I shall have to give them assumed names like Gertrude Puddlejumper and Dirk WishIhadaDodge.
Our next destination was going to be somewhere in Indiana. It was a longer travel day than we were used to because as of late our days were really short. We decided to stop here for a couple of days to let a nasty spring storm roll on by. In Minnesota they were talking about snow in feet. But down here it was going to be rain and wind. Lots of wind.
This is why we don't want to travel when there are wind advisories. The truck and camper are over 55 feet long and very tall. We hardly ever realize how big the rig is until you see them together. So we will just hunker down here for a day or two.

"Gladys, get my galoshes, it's wet outside!"


  1. Nice place! You guys should buy it so we (and others) can come visit you down there!

    1. As tempting as that would be. We would have to move it so others couldn't find it.