Sunday, July 7, 2019

Day 34-37 Alaskan Adventure

Day 34- We got up and left our campground in Clam Gulch. We had a short drive to Homer so we took our time to look at a few other campgrounds for future reference. It was a beautiful day so we stopped at the overlook before Homer.

The mountains we were seeing in the distance aren't really mountains. No, they are, (pause for effect) VOLCANOES! I thought that was pretty cool. I got a picture of what Homer is famous for. Rather one of the things Homer is famous for.
That dark little piece of land is called the Homer Spit. It sticks out into Cook Inlet and that is where we were hoping to camp. It was the 4th of July weekend and the town was busy filming the next episode of "Alaskans Gone Wild" so we were turned away like Mary and Joseph. Every campground in town was full, so we vowed to return and headed north back into the wilderness. It worked out for the better. We turned into Anchor Point, Alaska. It says that that is the farthest western point in The U.S. that can be reached by a paved road. There are several state parking lots there so our chances of finding a spot were good. To get to Anchor Point though you have to go under this bridge. Not big rig friendly.

Day 35- We chose to stay 2 nights at this campground because the earliest we could get into a campground in Homer was Saturday. We decided to walk to the ocean and check things out. The tide was out so the beach was immense.

They launch their boats from this area to go halibut fishing also. There is no boat ramp so what they do is, they launch them from tractors. The tractors take them out to the waters edge through the soft sand.

Then when they come back, they radio ahead and the tractor meets them at the shore line with their trailer and picks them up. Since the tide was out there where a lot of tide pools.

We walked and looked and looked and walked. It was so cool being out there. We just kept going.

There where seagulls out there eating dead fish. They don't leave much behind.
Eagles also. At one point we had counted 5 different eagles at once. One almost flew into us. What was that about eagle eyes or something.

Pretty soon the tide started to come back in and we looked at our watches realizing that we had been walking for 4 hours. So we headed back to the campground.
It was a very fun day out on the beach. One of our favorite days yet.

Day 36- We drove to Homer, Alaska. Checked into our campground and explored.
People snagging fish.

Cars and people.

People and cars.

People and boats.

I couldn't order a drink because I didn't have money.
Another Eagle by our campsite. They are everywhere.

Our $72 dollar a night campsite. 
Goodbye Homer.

Day 37- We were up early and ready to get out of Homer. We stopped and resupplied on everything. We headed north towards Anchorage and we both forgot that that we would have to drive by the wildfires again. The wind was from a different direction and boy did it make a difference.
That's not fog boys and girls. That is smoke. With it as smoky as it was you really didn't know where the fire was.

Will our hero's make it out of there? Will our hero's soil their underpants? Will our hero's get emphysema? Tune in for the next episode of "Dorks on Parade".

"Gladys, (cough, cough) I feel like I have been chain smoking (cough, cough). Do we have any Sucrets?"


  1. Bummer all that smoke is hampering your views. Walking the tide pools is always fun. Is clamming open up there, yet another fun activity!

    1. The clamming season was closed for some reason. Yes, the smoke is killing some beautiful views. It even wrecked our Denali views.

  2. Living in the mountains we had to deal with wildfires and smoke every year. No fun. But you sure had s great time at the beach! Sorry you had no money for drinks. Maybe a little dancing on the bar and people would’ve paid for them!

    1. It has been smokey for a long time on this trip. At least it has quit raining on us. Last time it rained was the day we pulled into Fairbanks about 2 weeks ago. No rain and record temps up here. No wonder there are fires.