Saturday, August 10, 2019

Pioneers on the Prairie

Glady's Butterpump
We landed back in Minnesota after our long trip to Alaska. Boy are our arms tired. Ba-Da-Bump!

After a few days of seeing everyone and resting we attacked our land with vim and vigor. Being gone 7 weeks sure let it get overgrown again. Our brush cut mower that we used to do the major amount of clearing with has been under the weather. So to mow the areas that needed mowing again we had to buy a riding mower.
We have noticed that we are accumulating all of the things we got rid of when we started our fulltiming life. 3 mowers now. 2 ATV's. A new trailer to haul stuff around with. 1 pickup camper. So what do we do with all of those things in the winter? We don't want to just leave them out in the elements. I guess we need a garage.
This is the garage that we have in mind. Something similar to that anyways. Large enough to hold all of our new toys plus store our 2 campers when they need to be stored. We are starting with the garage because we still want to travel. That is why we are hanging onto both campers.

We have been mowing like crazy and pushing the brush back farther. I am cutting more and more trees down all of the time. Battling mosquitoes and flies while we work. I have a new admiration for the pioneers and pilgrims that settled this country.

We had hoped that our new approach road into our property would have been finished by the time we got back from Alaska. We had our permits finished. All "I's" and "T's" have been dotted and crossed, so we were disappointed that it wasn't finished or even started yet. Once that is in, we can then work on Phase 2 of our project. The garage. But we need the road to get done so that we can get trucks up in there to start bringing in gravel.

As we work with the county we are learning about how much control a government entity can control your property. It's not their property, it's ours. We pay the taxes. There are so many hoops a person has to jump through to get anything done. Rules and regulations have to be followed to get anything approved. It makes me wonder how it ever got to be like that. I have heard it said that "Every law passed is a freedom lost." That is so true. For us, it means that we cannot build a building taller than 20 feet within 400 feet of a lake. Really!? If we do build a building taller than 20 feet, it has to be considered our dwelling then. It's a garage, for an RV. We revamped the building some to get it under the 20 foot limit now so we can keep moving forward.

So we wait and wait. We can still get our garage built because they build them all year long here. It would just be nice to see it done while we are here.

"Glady's! Hike up your bloomers and lets get back to work!"


  1. That is a lot of work! You know.... you could build the garage yourselves, test your marriage. I have heard of people doing things like that....

    1. Or we could hire a crazy couple with so much time on their hands to do it for us. It would ruin our marriage. As they say,"Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians."

  2. I thought our 30 foot rule was low, as we could probably see Lake Michigan at 40 feet. 20 feet is nuts.

    1. We are in Ottertail county in Minnesota and they have some of the strictest building rules and regulations in the state. That is what we are finding out.