Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Leaves are Changing

It seems like so much is going on and yet not going on. Our new driveway has been finished, finally. Lisa got her final notice that her father's trust is now finished after dealing with that for over 2 years. The permit process for our next phase of our project has just been approved, so we can start on that part. Things are getting done.

And yet as we sit in our little Hobbit House on our property, we can't help but wonder why things can't move at a more rapid pace? After all we started back in April. Even when we talked to the builder the very first time, he was optimistic we could have a structure up by late October. In fact everything we have been dealing with, someone has said that it could be done in half the time. For instance our driveway. We started in April and were told that soon as the ground thaws they could (I guess "could" is the key word here) start the driveway. Another for instance. When we originally met the lawyer after Lisa's father passed away, he told us he had everything in order and it would take only a "year" at max to finish his estate. So if you were to look in Webster's dictionary under the word PATIENCE, you will see our pathetic faces.

Like I said, we sit in our Hobbit House  on our property.

We really like it out there. It is peaceful and we have met some of the neighbors now. I caught this cute deer on our Sasquatch cam.
We are still staying busy out here. Still clearing brush when we can. I want to share this with you and I know some people in SD will think that I am making it up and they know who they are. The sad reality is, is that I tore my rotator cuff in my right shoulder, honestly. So I am very limited on the amount of work I can do. I have a doctors note and everything.

I can however run equipment. Remember when our new driveway washed out from some torrential rains and looked like this?
We knew that this would be a recurring problem so I bought this at the local Home Depot for a couple of hondo's(hundred dollar bills) a box grader. In hindsight though I would try to find one with wheels for easier transport. But this baby does the job!
I drag this behind the atv and it works wonders on fixing the driveway.

The rains have started and we are getting rained on almost every other day. The weather has drastically turned cooler also. From the 80's two weeks ago, to the 40's now. We keep watching the weather to see if we have to move out of the camper and into Beverly's basement. Things were looking good for us one day and then the next you look at the long range forecast and it changes. Our plan was not to leave our super secret undisclosed location until mid November because of baby reasons.

With it getting colder we are going through some serious amounts of propane. We have no hookups out here yet so everything is being run on propane. The heater, fridge, stove, oven, water heater and our generator. A 20lb. tank will last 3-5 days depending on the outside temp. For some odd reason it always runs out at 3 o'clock in the morning so I have to go out and change tanks in my underpants. So if you see me out at 3 my underpants at "Q", you will know why.

Lisa has dug deep into her Scandinavian roots and made some Swedish meatballs from scratch. It was delish!
That's it in a nutshell. 

I almost forgot how good my hunting endeavors have been. We were driving downtown and all of a sudden this beast tried to attack us.
Luckily he was on the outside of the truck. I watched as he found a way into the engine compartment. So that night I set a trap. NOw for those that don't like to see hunters posing with dead animals, don't look at the next picture. 
Mouse kabobs for dinner!

"Glady's! Turn up the heat!"


  1. Cute deer! Have you thought if installing a few drains in the driveway? Things are coming along. Too bad about the rotator cuff. Now still will have to drink all that beer in Q by himself! Wouldn’t want you to overcome the other one and cause further injury.

    1. We are thinking about putting drain tile in along the side of the driveway to help stop the erosion. Paving is still an option. As far as the beer drinking goes, I am like a professional athlete. I play through the pain.

  2. Looks great Dino and Lisa - it's a work of love and pride to fix it up your way.

    1. Thanks. It is work. Just don't tell anyone that I do do it.

  3. You ever heard of the little boy who cried wolf? I would think a notarized note from your doctor about your rotator cuff would probably convince those nonbelievers.

    1. Along with 3 references? I will see if I can get a copy of the MRI.