Sunday, January 26, 2020

Inside a Genius's Mind

I don't claim to be a genius. Not in public anyways. But I find that as the more beer I may consume in an evening the better my brain works. I feel that I have come up with some great ideas sitting out in the desert. Attending many, many "Happy Hours". Not by choice. They have been forced upon me.

One great idea is the "Stool Bus". I have blogged a couple of times about that now and I am still in the Beta testing stages. Tweaking that daily and working out the kinks so that I will be ready to mass produce it in a factory in China. It will probably cost $19.99 even though I have already sunk in $66 on the proto type alone.
As I have to run to the dumper every other day, it is giving me ample opportunities to work on it. It has crashed now 3 times on its own. I may have to get a crash dummy for future tests.

My next great idea came to me on our Alaska trip. Deep inside of bear country with grizzlies lurking behind every bush I came up with this genius idea. It was so simple and I amazed that no one else has ever thought of it. As Lisa and I were enjoying cocktails, we would hear something in the bush behind us. We would both jump up, wet ourselves a little, to just see a squirrel or something.

I call this "Bear Chairs". I want to fasten two chairs together like that so that you never have to worry about a bear sneaking up on you. For the record, it does work best with 2 people. 

Finally my third inspiration. Since I am at the dump station so often, you wouldn't believe what I see going on there. People will actually dump their blue boys without using a hose. They just dump it on the ground hoping to hit the hole. It is gross and disgusting for the person behind them as there is fecal matter all over the ground. So my next invention is call "Poop Shoes". Or the technical term would be "Fecal footwear".
I found these in the dumpster not long after Jim and Barb left. I can wear these wading through the fecal pool and never have to bring them inside. Brilliant!

Until next time.


  1. OMG! You are going to be the envy of everyone at happy hours as I know anyone who saw those boots were in awe of them and wondered where oh where could they get a pair!

    1. People have already stopped me as I am up to my ankles in fecal matter. Do you want them back? NOw that I have found a new use for them?

  2. That’s a lot of very long rough trips for the stool bus.

  3. OMG you kill me. What things you come up with drinking beer. What a convoluted mind you have. No wonder your blog is called "MNDrifters. lol

  4. Is convoluted English for genius? Because I totally agree then.