Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Butt Nugget Fiasco During the Pandemic

Gather round children and let Pops share a tale with you. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you may even throw up. Just a forewarning.

We are back in the "Hobbit House" out on our super secret undisclosed location. May 23rd marks the one year anniversary of when we moved into the "Hobbit House" for our Alaska trip and eventually our trip to Arizona for the winter. I will add that we did spend 2 months in my sons basement during the peak of the pandemic but now we are back in the camper. Hiding in our woods because the campgrounds are not open in the state we live in.

Since we are living in it again, that means that our tanks fill up because we are using them. So with our hearts light and gay, we loaded up the "Hobbit House" and headed into town to the only place with a dump station.With nearly 6 years of dumping our tanks it is no problem.

I hook up the hose and the 90 degree elbow and put it into the sewer hole. Lisa is watching me as I perform my tasks like a ballerina in Swan Lake. In traditional fashion I exclaim "There she blows!" as I open the black tank valve.

This is where time goes into slow motion. I am facing the camper and behind me I hear Lisa scream. I think to myself, is she being attacked by a horde of zombies? So I turn around and look down and see my biggest fear.The sewer hose disconnected from the 90 degree elbow. As I realize what is about to happen, it happened. Butt nuggets and sewage start pouring out.

I quickly turn back around, Lisa is still screaming hysterically, shove my hands into the compartment and close the valve. This took just a matter of a few seconds and we had a spill that would rival the Exxon Valdez'. We clean up the area as best we could, choking down little balls of vomit as we did and sheepishly finished our business and left.

Hindsight is always 20/20 as they say. Could we have done things differently? Definitely. I think there is blame for both of us and I will admit fault. I should have double checked the connections were tight. That one is on me. Lisa , instead of screaming and melting into a puddle could have just said "STOP!". Instead I had wasted precious seconds turning around.

So we learned a valuable lesson boys and girls and I hope you can learn from our mistakes. It is going to take me awhile to get over it. I know that I am not ordering Chicken McNuggets any time soon.


  1. Oh boy, fun times! Lucky there were no witnesses.

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    1. Thanks for the sympathy. We are show shopping this week. What does that mean?


    2. Sorry, I only laughed. No tears of sorry for you. Are you going SHOE shopping this week?

  3. Yes the movie RV definitely comes to mind. Wow lucky it wasn't tooooo bad. lol

  4. Lol, I can only imagine. I'm sure George doesn't miss those days. He's had his share of plunging toilets in the house though.