Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Jethro and Bambi, Need I say More??

"Tango! Did I tell you that Jethro and Bambi are coming to visit?" Glady's said.
"What! We just saw them! Wasn't it just last year? Well call the beer store and tell them I'm coming".

Sure enough, our trail camera that is hidden near our driveway caught this image.
Please pay close attention to his mirrors. Jethro swings their rig into our yard and I jump out of my chair to show him where to park. I'm standing there waving my arms frantically in the air as he nearly takes out the side of my daughters new car. 
"Stop!" I yell. 
He says "I can't see you in my mirrors!" 
"Don't they flip up?" I said.

Well we got him parked and then hugs and handshakes all around. Jim has the handshake of a used car salesman and then he wraps his other arm around you. Instinctively a grab for my wallet. Now Bambi on the other hand. When Bambi hugs you, you know you've been hugged. She just kind of melts into you. It really gets your juices flowing if you know what I mean. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

They got settled in and we immediately started to get caught up. 
Jethro was showing us his bottle of Fireball. He was so proud of it. You would have thought that that was his first born or something. He said "Yuck, this here there bottle was full when I left the farm this morning. I'm glad the drive wasn't any longer cuz then I would have had to open another while driving which is dog gone dangerous. Yes sirree Bob."

They brought the dogs with, of course.
Dakota was not all that impressed. I think she was just thankful to be out of the truck.
Zoey, I said to Jethro she is starting to look like him more and more each day.

Bambi was all bubbly with excitement. "Glady's! Tango! I went 'on-the-line' and bought a fancy picture taking device. They said that if I hold it up to my face like this
I can take pictures of people and flowers and bugs and save them forever. Wait, it's not working." Bambi said.

"Tarnation's woman, let me see that gosh darn contraption. Your not doing it right."
"Hey! I can't see anything!"
"I'm going to take a picture of my foot. People like feet."

"Jethro! Let me see it." I said.
"Works fine."

"So Jethro, that's a Ram 3500 truck, right?"
"Did you know the mirrors swing up?"
"How long have you owned it?"
"A year or so I reckon."
"Follow me."

"So you have been driving around for over a year on many excursions and never knew your mirror extended?" I said.

Well I looked back through last year's blog posts and sure enough.

Jethro got quite a lot of Fireball in him and started to serenade us with one of his quaint little folk songs.
I'm not that familiar with Appalachian folk songs but that really didn't sound like one.

I said to Jethro, no more beer? He said he now prefers the Fireball. I guess that fridge full of beer is mine then. 

And just as the Fireball was all gone, Jethro and Bambi were all gone. I asked him how far he had to travel that day? "Just a half bottles worth" he said. I guess that is his unit of time and distance now.

It was fun seeing them and as always sad when they go. 
One more thing. See those little black bags on his bumper. They have dog poops in them. I was impressed that they were picking them up, until after they left and I found them all along our driveway and on the road into town. I can just hear him giggling now.


  1. That was a hilarious read…good times for sure! Love the video too. Who knew Jim could sing! 🤣🤣

  2. I knew they were coming your way but I was sworn to secrecy! At least Jim’s just singing and not dancing too!

    1. We have secrets now? If Jim started to dance, I would just think that a bee went up his pant leg. I'm guessing that's how it would look anyways.

  3. Sure, pick on a guy when he's out of the country and a full bottle away from you!
    Readers, don't be fooled by Dino's tall tales of our exploits. For example, I was putting money in his wallet and not taking it out and I knew our mirrors went up, just not both of them at the same time. And lastly, that's not dog doodoo in those bags. Hopefully, next time we stop by you will have a working bathroom!

  4. What fun. It's so nice to catch up with friends. Great singing too lol.

    1. Some friends bring joy when they arrive and some when they leave. His singing gets better with each drink.

  5. This is Jethro and Bambi. We had such a great time drinking your booze, eating your food and peeing in your yard. Shucks, it was just like being at home. Thanks for showing us how to use our mirrors and picture taking device. You are always right as rain when you retell events. You are true blue my buddy. Love the blog.

    1. Thanks Jethro. You know Bambi is always welcome but you need to stay in the shed. Next year we will have the "Fireball" for you. You said you get a better deal buying in case lots, right? Remember when you are fishing and you catch one, you need to cook it first.

    2. Hey! Where is our actual comment? Or was I too drunk and forgot to push publish?

    3. As far as I know this is your original comment.