Friday, April 19, 2024

Soup Season is Here!

 We knew this day would come eventually. I mean we have been reading the signs the universe has been giving us. It started with a whisper in the breeze. Very faint at first. "Sssssoooouuuupppp." Gradually it became louder and louder. "We want soup." Until finally we couldn't ignore it any more. "SOUP!!!!!!!!" So finally we have put our cabin remodel on the back burner and made all of the preparations for soup season. April 19th will be our first event.

We are in full soup mode now. Last year we had around 35 soup events booked by this time for the year. Lisa has really been proactive this year, booking over 60 events already. It promises to be a very busy and fun year. We have many new events and new places that we will be at. 

But first let me finish updating you with the cabin remodel.

In the last blog we had gotten three bedroom walls and the ceiling done. Two walls and the ceiling done in the family room and nothing in the closet and hallway. The next things that needed doing was to have the  windows installed and cutting a walkway from the existing cabin to the new addition. Lisa planned on a contractor to install the windows and I am so glad she did. It was way beyond my skill level and I am not too proud to admit that.

The outside wall where the windows will go.
Bedroom window installed.

They installed them the correct way by removing the steel siding on the outside. Cutting the hole and then installing the window. If I would have done that it would have been so wrong. Glad I did not do it. So glad. It took two guys two days to put those in. 
Inside view from the family room.

Inside the bedroom view.
It's like they have always been there.

While that was getting done, I had to do a job I was kind of dreading. Cutting through our wall to connect the rooms. Never have I ever. I removed the wood carefully that we put up on the wall a couple of years ago. Next I surgically removed the sheet rock.
At this point, most construction people would just use a sledge hammer and tear it all apart. Not caring about what got destroyed because they would just rebuild it. Not me. The less I have to rebuild the better.
It helped knowing how I built the wall in the first place. The electrician already rerouted the electrical lines.
Ready for the opening.
I started by drilling a hole in each corner between the studs so that I could get my saws all in there. Lisa made a short video of what that sounded like inside.
Once one hole was done, I would move to the next section and repeat.
After there where two holes, I would then cut out the stud in between them. Working that way, I was always ready for Lisa to tell me that that was the size she wanted or I could keep going to make it wider.
She finally went with the widest it could be.
It was a good choice. After a little tweaking (No Jim, I did not say twerking) I replaced the sheet rock and the wood around the opening to finish it off.
Now with the windows in and the opening cut out, I could finish putting up the rest of the walls. Which I did.
Family room.


Looking into the family room.
After going over budget a little on the wood and windows, we decided to do the closet a little differently. We took some plywood and Lisa torched it with a propane torch. We then used that on the walls. 
Torched closet walls and natural pine ceiling. 
I think it works. So now we are at a work stoppage. We are waiting for the electrician to come back and hook up the lights and outlets. We are going to put carpet in those rooms because those rooms do not have floor heat. It is all coming together.

The rest of the summer will be doing the finishing work. Trim mostly. Looking for furniture and moving in to enjoy it all. In between soup events that is. 

On a more personal note. I had a milestone birthday a few weeks back. The big 60. It was really no big deal for me. I don't know why. When I turned 30, I thought life was ending for sure. But now look at me. I groan when I sit down or stand up. It's just expected. Lisa can stop rolling her eyes like when I was doing that in my thirties. I joined a mature adult organization. Not AARP. It is called GOFA. Grumpy Old Folks Association. Do you know how I know that that is the organization for me? One day the grandkids were being loud. I said to them, "Shut up! Or I'm going to rip off your arm and beat you with the bloody stump!"

LOL. That really didn't happen, or did it? All I know for sure is that there is quiet around our house.

May the soup be with you.


  1. Great job! While the wall video was good, I think a dog video, or perhaps a video of me twerking would have been better!

    1. You liked the video? I hope Harry likes it. Nobody wants to see you twerk.

  2. Looks like your gettiner done injury free. Good luck with your soup season. Cheers!

    1. Are you saying I'm injury prone? You must know me, mystery person.

    2. Oops! Forgot to comment on blogger. Can’t figure out how to fix Anonymous when commenting on Facebook.

    3. Say no more. Technology and old people do not mix. You could have just sent a letter by Pony Express or a Telegram.