Monday, June 15, 2015

Climbing the Tallest mountain

I should actually re-phrase that title a little bit. When I say climb, I really mean drove. We drove up, over and down the tallest mountain. Well I should re-phrase that also because we were no where near Mt. Everest. We drove up, over and down the world's tallest flat top mountain. The World's tallest flat top mountain is actually just outside of Grand Junction Colorado. It is called the Grand Mesa. It stands at 11,337 feet tall. and the top is flat with many alpine lakes on it. It is so big up there that it covers 500 square miles. It is quite unique.
A view from the top
A waterfall

It almost looks glacial
Lisa and I where deciding on what to do yesterday and I googled things to do in Grand Junction. Driving this Mesa was number 1. So I told Lisa to put on some warm clothes because we are going to the top. We weren't going to be fooled like when we went to Cedar Breaks and it was 34. The top of this mountain was 56 so not to bad. So again we had a day of spectacular views. It left us wondering how many more amazing things are out there to discover. Hmmmmm.
Alpine lake


  1. Replies
    1. We run into so many things by accident. We feel like Columbas.

    2. I should have said Lief Erickson.

    3. That looks gorgeous! Any campgrounds up there? Boondocking?

  2. There are. It is all national forest. We didn't drive in to any of them though.

  3. Very cool place! When I see that I think of trout. I am guessing they have it stocked full of them.

  4. Fish are full of Mercury. You should eat more beef. It's whats for dinner.