Monday, June 22, 2015

Government Sponsored Vandalism

We decided to make a stop in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Such a magical and pristine place that has been held sacred by native Americans for centuries. I was amazed at the beauty of it all until we drove around a corner and saw the largest defacement of the land I have ever seen.
Mt. Rushmore
If you could see the tear in my eye.
I am trying to be funny but it probably isn't working. The Monument is amazing, although a little crowded. The bright side is, is that people are enjoying the national parks. It was extremely crowded and my only gripe is that if you buy a national park pass, it doesn't work here. The attraction is free, but if you want to park your car it will cost you $11.00. Chips are free but the dinner is extra. (Paradisso reference.)

We also found a nice waterfall to explore. Spearfish falls.
Now we are making our way to Minnesota. Home of the Mini-sodas.

I should add one more thing. We have been in the mid-west for 6 days. We have been hailed on for 4 of those days. ??????? Get me a frosty one!


  1. I've been to Rushmore twice and I really love it! Almost more than the Statue of Liberty. I think it's so amazing. Ya, not of fan of hail. We haven't had any hail damage to our rig or truck yet, but I heard that it's inevitable. Especially in SD in summer. Hope you make it east without any storm damage!

  2. We are in Minnesota without hail damage. Rushing to get appointments done now.

  3. The Black Hills is one of our favorite areas. We could spend weeks there without seeing it all.

    Let us know when you are headed up here!

    1. Just re-newed the passport today. Hopefully it will be back in time. I would like to go and eat a good steak.