Sunday, August 30, 2015

Becoming productive members of society

We left Barnesville Minnesota on Aug. 18th to make our way to Campbellsville Ky. We made an overnight stop in Ashland Wi. and than stopped in St. Ignace Mi. for a couple of days.

In St. Ignace I had to fix a broken magnet in one of our trailer wheels. We did a little bit of sight seeing. We climbed Castle rock and we also took a day to go to Mackinac Island. Biking around the island twice. We then stopped over night in northern Indiana and then stopped again in an Army Corps park near Mammoth cave. We did the cave tour. Aside from the size of the cave, which is impressive, we really thought that this was our least favorite cave we have seen.

Now we have arrived in Campbellsville Ky. to work for Amazon and their busy season. We have heard pros and cons about this so we will find out first hand. The campground we are in is a little crowded but the sites are paid for so we will make due. We are not hear on vacation, that's for sure. Not used to all the dry counties here in this state.

So we will be working 40-50 hours a week. Yikes! I hope I remember how to work. Our blog posts might be few and far between and I'm betting not very exciting.


  1. Dry county, blasphemy! Run, run as fast as you can!

    1. I know. Now I will have to put extra miles on the truck to make beer runs. I wonder if Amazon sells beer?