Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Damn cats.

We are cat people. And that means that there is nothing wrong with dog people. Some of our good friends are dog people and we just kind of overlook that flaw. But we like cats. We have always had at least one cat in our house.

When we hit the road and started full timing we had to leave a cat with my mother-in-law, who graciously accepted him into her home. We knew he wouldn't travel well at all. He was a bit quirky. She already had two quirky cats, what's one more.

But it is sad when they get old and when it is just time to let go of them. They just find a way to burrow into your heart and dwell there. So we got the news today that it was his time. We will miss him as we miss all of the cats we have had to say good bye to. We are always reminded of them when we watch our home movies. They were always around and always a part of the family.

Good bye Scowt.