Saturday, November 14, 2015

Winning big at the famous Churchill Downs

A group of us work campers had the day off on Friday and decided to go to the famous Churchill downs.

It is a very interesting place just because of all the history there. Lisa and I have never been to a horse race track. Mainly because we are not big gamblers and also not a lot of interest in horses. This day they were racing and the track wasn't that busy. So we were able to get right next to the track as the horses were racing. That was pretty neat to see.
We never gambled on a horse race before but we picked up on pretty quick. I bet on 4 races and picked the winners three times. The horse that I picked that didn't win came in second. So I was pretty happy with those results. We didn't win enough to retire or anything like that but it really made watching the races much more fun. Actually the fourth race I bet on the horse took first place coming all the way from the back of the pack. 
Thylos my first winner in the Paddock area
There is a museum at Churchill downs that has all the history and tradition of the track. It is very interesting if you are into all of that but like I said we just didn't have that much background into horse racing. They have lots of hands on exhibits and interactive exhibits for people. 
Worst Jockey ever
Later on in the afternoon we signed up for a van tour that takes you out to the in field and the horse barns. So we got to see a couple of races from that perspective. 
Backside of the track.
This was a race that we saw from the other side of the track. You can see the twin spires of Churchill downs and the grand stands in the back ground. It was a nice day of sunshine and horse racing. I would like to thank Gerard and Linda for organizing the whole affair. 
This was an awesome bronze sculpture out front.
I won big time on this little filly.

We can cross this off the list. It was a good day spent with new friends and good times.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Another good experience.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! Another good experience.

  3. We have only been to a couple of track since we have been on the road but it is pretty cheap entertainment if you don't get too carried away with the gambling.

    1. With 2 dollar bets, you really don't win a whole lot. But it keeps you interested in the race. One horse I won a whopping $10.60.

  4. We took a tour there in the off season and enjoyed more than we thought we would. I'll be seeing the horses run was fun!

  5. The winning was funner. Or more fun for the English teachers out there.