Friday, February 26, 2016


Our time in the "Q" is winding down. In fact as I write this we will only be here 2 more days and then we start moving on. The last two weeks haven't been as hectic as the first two weeks which was nice.
 One Saturday the group went out to the desert bar.
Part of the group. l-r: Red, Harry, me, Ghost, Jim, Barb, Steve and Dianne. There where more, but I don't know where they went when it was photo time.

Jim and Barb and us.
The desert bar is literally out in the middle of desert. No electricity. Everything is run on solar and they are only open weekends. They do quite a business as you can tell from the photo's. It was very busy.

Another day Lisa and I took a drive down to Yuma. We stopped in to the Yuma Territorial prison. It was an interesting piece of Arizona history. I would not want to be held in that prison in the summer. I think it was very stinky.

And yet another day Lisa and I did some more sight seeing around Quartzsite. We drove the Jeep up to a mine near here and noticed a trail to the top of a small mountain. So we climbed it and found the mountain with the flag and giant Q on it overlooking Quartzsite.
Abandoned mine

Me taking in the view

Lisa claiming this mountain for America

That speck is Lil' Blue
Finally Jim and Barb and Lisa and I piled into the truck to make a day trip out to Joshua Tree National Park. It is fun to see such a variety of landscapes that our national park system has. This one did not disappoint. The terrain is so rugged. I cannot imagine the Native Americans that used to call this place home and how they survived out here. With no XBOX or nothing. My hats off to them.

Cholla cactus garden

The infamous Joshua tree

My favorite desert flower
I also have to mention that Daisy (Jim and Barb's puggle) came over for a play date with Moose and Journey. Moose and Daisy get along very well. Journey, not so much.
Daisy, Moose and Barb's feet
One more thing. It was bound to happen with all the rocks around here. I got a rock wedged in between our rear daully. I beat on that thing with a hammer and it wouldn't come out. Finally had to get the Jeep and a strap to pull that little sucker out of there. Fun times.

Lil' Blue to the rescue
Finally I will say goodbye for now and leave you with another Arizona sunset. Now somebody get me a beer.


  1. Thanks for all the great times guys, we are going to go through Dino and Lisa withdrawls when we all leave here!

    1. Us too. Our faces hurt from laughing so much. We can't wait to read about your big Alaska adventure.

  2. Doesn't look like Amazon :) Fun times!

    1. This has been a nice vacation before we start working again.