Friday, March 4, 2016

Stuck in the middle

No, I am not talking a bout a Menage' a trois because we are in Las Vegas. Sin City. I am surprised that I could even spell it. The middle that I am talking about has to do with age. Let me elaborate if you will.

The way I see it, Las Vegas appeals to two types of people. The young and wilder bunch. Mainly because of Hollywood painting these wild parties and night life that Vegas has to offer And I am sure there is a lot of that going on. Plus you can have a butt load of fun (pun intended) if you have enough money to pay for it.

We were walking the strip like we always do when we get to Vegas, because it is always changing. We decided to have an adult beverage at Ceasar's out on the side walk. So we go up to the bar and Lisa orders a Bloody Mary. I order a Rum Runner. Not beer, I know, what was I thinking. We get the bill and it was $10.00 for the Bloody Mary and get this, $18.00 for the Rum runner. Are you kidding me? Add the tip and 2 drinks came to $31.00. I am not saying that we are cheap, but in this lifestyle we are just smarter with our money. Or try to be.
$31.00 dollar drinks
The other type of people that Vegas draws in is the older generation because of the gambling. I guess they make so much money on Social Security that they just have to go out and blow it all in the Casino's. We aren't big gamblers. We don't go out of our way to go to Casino's and there is nothing wrong with those that do enjoy it. Someone has to pay the light bill in Vegas.

I have to say that we have been to Vegas many times since we have been married. Every time you go you think it will be like the first time you went. In our eyes we really feel that it has changed. The homeless are every where which is sad. Always looking for handouts. They are getting creative though. One guy had a sign that said "I'll be honest, I need money for beer." Another said "Need money for weed." With the amount of money in this town, you would think they could take care of these people.

Then there is the amount of people that attack you with wanting to sell show tickets. Or want to give you samples of cosmetics. The street performers are every where. Some good but most just have you shaking your head.
What is this guys talent?

We found it a little disappointing. Well that is it. I will just end with some pictures. We have had our Vegas fill for awhile.

I would go get a beer but I can't afford it in this town.


  1. We have never been to Vegas, and have no desire really. Sticker shock on the beverages, holy moley! Sometimes it's cheaper to sit at a slot machine with $5 in it and order free ones :)

  2. You can stop by our place and we'll give you a free beer.

  3. The people watching is certainly entertaining! Other than that there is nothing there for us.....

  4. I I agree with you. I don't know if I am different or Vegas is different, but I saw many things I never really paid attention to before. Plus $31 for two drinks ...seriously and they wonder why Vegas attendance is low.

  5. You need lots of money for everything. why?