Monday, March 14, 2016

Work and Gemini Bridges

Yes we have started our work at the OK RV Park in Moab Utah. We really like this area and the work at the campground. Jeep Safari starts next week and we are really looking forward to that. It is early this year and by today"s weather you can tell. It was cool and cloudy and the wind had really picked up. Too windy to go for a hike. So we decided to take a Jeep ride up to Gemini Bridge.

You can easily reach the Gemini Bridge if you start from Hwy. 313 near Dead Horse State Park. But it is a little more challenging if you go in from Hwy 191 just outside of Moab. 4X4 recommended. You climb up the side of Mesa.
This is the view going up. You are looking down on Hwy. 191 going into Moab. We took this road in 2008. It has really gotten in bad shape. That's why the 4X4 is recommended. Once you get up there you are going across the top of a Mesa. 

The Gemini road

Snow capped La Sal mountains

Fins and the La Sal's
The views are always amazing in the Moab area and there are so many things to do. Then you finally get to Gemini Bridge. 
Gemini Bridge

The overlooks are just beautiful. So that is all we have done since getting to Moab. We worked yesterday and today we played a little.

Stay frosty everyone.


  1. Is that the spot where a couple of kids died jumping from one arch to another? I think we visited that one last year, very cool!

    1. Yes, the gene pool got smarter. Lisa even drove a little bit and I was the one walking. Just because of her driving skills.

  2. Such a beautiful area! Have fun...but don't "work" too hard! LOL!

  3. Thanks. We really like this area. We have found so many new things to do while we are here.

  4. Lucky you to be working in Moab. You'll have some good adventures!

    1. We went for a hike today on a Jeep trail called steel bender. No we are pooped. We need to get into Amazon shape again.