Friday, April 8, 2016

52 years young

What a good day. We decided to start with a hike. We found this hike a couple of weeks ago and have never done it. So we weren't quite sure what to expect from it  The hike was to Castleton rock. A pinnacle popular with rock climbers.
Castleton rock
The hike was a very steep climb. Not a good hike to start Kendra on. Even Lisa and I where feeling it. We decided to turn around and try later on.
52 year old stud muffin
It looks like a very cool hike.

Once down we decided to do a drive instead. I wanted to drive the long canyon road. Lisa did it with Steve and Joan when I was gone and their pictures where beautiful. But on the way we stopped to look at some Dinosaur tracks that are along the way.
Lisa and Kendra looking at the tracks
This rock with the tracks on it fell from higher up. That is why it sits at an angle and the road lies still farther down. A little farther up there are petroglyphs from ancient Native Americans.

After that we got to the trail head and started up the long Canyon. This is considered an easy route and I was told how easily Steve and Joan's Jeep went up it. Their Jeep is on steroids and we have Lil' Blue. 

The scenery is beautiful and breathtaking. Then we came to a part of the road where a giant rock has fallen over it and you drive under it. 

That was pretty neat. Then just a little farther down the road we came to some obstacles that we didn't think Lil' Blue could get over. Remember it is totally stock with no modifications. A couple was walking down the road to look at the path. So we got to talking to them and he was convinced that we could make it up. What does he have to loose, right? So Lisa got out and was supposed to take pictures. That is why there are very few pictures. Any ways it took 2 attempts at the first one but we made it.
Lil' Blue scratching and clawing her way up
The next obstacle was a 2-3 foot step with soft dirt and rocks in front of it. With the help of this guy throwing rocks under the tires we got up after about 10 attempts. WHEW!
This was the step from above
We left a little paint on the rocks but we got up there. 
Lil' Blue is smiling now
Then we had some time to look at the scenery.

Checking out the road we just came up
After the drive we went back to Moab and had dinner. 

It was a good day full of adventure. The birthday beers are flowing.


  1. You know the name of the pass was Pucker Pass? Glad you made it. Very scenic drive.

    1. I know Lisa was really puckering. It was fun. she said you just walked up that so easily.

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  3. Great job getting up that pass! What did Lisa give you for your birthday?

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like an interesting (and cool!) ride!!

    1. It was fun. I am really enjoying having a Jeep.

  5. Happy Birthday Dino! Looks like a great spot to go quading.
    Safe travels!

    1. Thanks so much. There are so many trails you could take your ATV's.

  6. Sounds like some mods need to be retrofitted with your next Amazon pay :)

    1. Yes, that is why we are going back. Wish they would give us a discount.

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