Thursday, April 21, 2016

Journey to Mars

When you look up into the heavens and see a giant red planet just floating in a sea of blackness. You close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to be there. Magically as you open your eyes, You have a feeling that you are no longer in Kansas.

How pray tell could this happen. How could something so in-hospitable and beautiful exist in one place and on one lifeless planet. Low and behold! This is not a lifeless planet and it does exist. It exists on the very planet we call home. 

"TELL US!" the masses scream. "TELL US, where we might find such beauty so that we can partake in these wondrous sights." "And tell us if you are suffering from second hand smoke from Colorado."

Well no to the second part and as for the views, this is Fisher Towers in the Castle Valley east of Moab Utah. This hike is a favorite of ours because of this scenery. It is somewhat different than other areas of Moab. That is why there is so much to explore around here and it is never quite the same.

Lisa's sister, Heidi and nephew Nyle drove over from Steamboat Springs Colorado for a visit. We took them on that hike last year and they wanted to do it again. Kendra hasn't been there so she went along also.
My little Martian

The Colorado River as it starts to cut into the canyons

Kendra and Nyle

At the end of the trail you look back and I think it looks like the Grand Canyon. This is just some amazing country. The hike winds around the bases of those tall spires. It is 2.2 miles one way up hill. But as with most hikes around here you are rewarded with breathtaking panoramas.

The weather has been cool and cloudy for quite a few days so we haven't been out a whole lot. So adios amigos. Hasta la vista.


  1. Very cool place and who knew Martians were so good looking!

  2. We'll add this to our to do list.
    Safe travels!

  3. Looks like a fun place. Any where near Canyons of the Ancients? We're going exploring there tomorrow (Saturday).

    1. Is the Canyons of the Ancients in Utah? I am not sure where that is?

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