Sunday, August 6, 2017

Emergency Conferance of the MNdrifters Society

That's right folks. There was an emergency assembly of the MNdrifters society because of allegations of transgressions of one of it's members. With such an important gathering, I am surprised that the "Mainstream Media" has not reported on it. But then again they don't report on anything that isn't on Facebook first. So after this post they may pick up on it.

I can't go over the grimy details of the ordeal but I will give you a brief wrap up of the proceedings. The allegations were read to the board. Allegations serious enough to bring a "vote of no confidence" to the floor. But before that, arguments for and against the accused ensued. Good times were brought up to try and sway the board for a positive outcome.
Beach time in Florida

Jeeping in Utah

But the allegations were just too serious to ignore.
The major month long breakdown in Moab

Leaving us stranded in Cody, WY.

So the vote went forth.

Moose-Abstained from voting. He was quite silent on the whole matter.

Journey-Also silent.

Lisa-Yay vote for "No Confidence"

Dino-Yay vote for "No Confidence"

So with the votes in and tallied, the accused was given the verdict. Thus ending the proceedings.

Just like that Lil Blue was voted off of the MNdrifters adventure from here forth. In the future I would like to get another Jeep. One that is newer and more reliable. Someday.


  1. Humpf. We didn't get an absentee ballot. I would have voted yay. It was in the cards.

  2. Love your sense of humor, as always! Sorry for Lil Blue, I'm sure she did her very best, but I understand, sadly, it wasn't enough. Good luck in your search.

    1. As much fun as she was, its time to put her out to pasture. We have been using her to go to and from work and we were on the side of the road twice one day.

  3. Big Bummer, Lil Blue had such a good outlook when she first came into your family. You better hope that Lisa and the cats don't get together and vote you out!

    1. Sssshhhhh. Don't let them know they can do that.