Saturday, August 18, 2018


"So how and where do you shop for turtles? Because this is all I could find on Amazon." I said.
"Besides, he looks freaky and anatomically correct"

Never have I ever shopped for turtles so I had Lisa explain it to me. "First you have to prepare the truck. Once that is done you can shop for turtles." I must have had a dumb look on my face so she elaborated even more. "Take everything out of the back of the truck and lay down some plywood for a nest."
"Like this?" I said. "Are we getting a giant Land Tortoise after all? That would be cool."

"KEEP IT UP!" She yelled. "I'm going to slap you so hard you will have a scab on your lip so big, it will take two hands to pull off! Shut up about the tortoise! We are getting a turtle!"

"Okay, okay" I said. "Sheesh." 

We both got on the World Wide Web and searched with our engines high and low to find the perfect turtle. Most where too far away to visit but we did find some down near the cities. So road tipping we went. First stop Ham Lake Minnesota. They had a nice turtle and they where a turtle dealer. Then we stopped in Albertville Minnesota and looked at a couple of others. We went home and slept on it and the next morning we committed to the turtle in Ham Lake.

Turtles waiting for owners.
We decided on the one hiding in the back row.
Turtle getting fitted on "The Beast".
We went to the dealership in Ham Lake. They are a Lance dealer so we felt like they knew what they where talking about. We had to have tie down brackets installed on the truck. That took one day. We got there at 9 on Wednesday and got out of there at 3. They really had a problem with the install. So it took longer than it should have.  So the next day we went back to pick it up and get a walk through.
Lisa posing with the turtle.
We needed special swing out brackets because we have a dually. They didn't get delivered until that day so again we spent longer than we wanted to there. So after a total of 10 hours at the dealer we finally got our turtle.
It's turtle time!
It is a 2010 Lance 992 pickup camper. This thing has 2 slides in it so that it is pretty roomy as far as pickup campers go. We have a home, the fifthwheel and now we call this our vacation home. We are hoping to take some trips to areas of the country we have wanted to go to but didn't want to take the fifthwheel. Like the east coast or west coast for example.

We are pretty excited about traveling like this. In fact we are going to try it out in Colorado for a month or two to get used to it and to see what else we need for it. A journey of discovery I call it. Then we will get our fifthwheel out of storage and put that in storage and head south to Texas for awhile. Until we are needed in Florida. 

So it has been a busy time for us but we are looking forward to the next adventure.


  1. Sounds awesome. Ride Strong! (Get it?) 😆

    1. No, I don't get it. Is that a Harley thing?

    2. Lance Armstrong, the (in)famous bike rider. His Motto was Tide Dtrong. You niece have a Lance camper. ???

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Ha, no coffee yet. I meant Ride Strong dammit!

    5. Sorry I did not get that. But I watch as much competitive bike riding as I do synchronized swimming.

  2. That’s really cool. Enjoy your shuttlecraft!

    1. Shuttlecraft. I like that. We have been calling it our vacation home.