Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Re-Discovery in Progress

Well as most of you(6) know who are regular readers that we have had a difficult year. Being off the road more than being on the road. So many events have taken place in the last year and now we see an end in sight. When I say an end, I don't mean that we are calling it quits and getting off the road. No, far from it. We see an end to events that will actually let us pick up where we left off and start traveling again.

With all of this down time, it has made us wonder if we could do it better or differently or more funner(my editor hates it when I talk like that). Maybe we need to reinvent ourselves? Find our strengths and build upon them. Eliminate our weaknesses and overcome our faults. Sounds like Dale Carnegie, right? Maybe. So we disconnected from the world, went on a soul searching retreat and brainstormed for an entire weekend. In lay-mans terms, we drank lots. On a side note, I am available for motivational speeches if you need it.

This is what we came up with for reinventing ourselves. Lisa decided to stop shaving her legs and armpits, braid her hair and wear moo-moos and listen to a lot of John Denver. To get in better touch with nature is what I am thinking she is trying to do. I on the other hand went for a more spiritual approach.  I grew a goatee, bought a French beret, Birkenstock sandals and some capri pants and became a regular at open mike night at Scooby's Poetry Club and Hydrocolonic Juice Bar.

Try as we might, it just wasn't working for us.

"Your armpits smell!"

"Well your goatee smells!"

"We need to get in touch with ourselves" Lisa said. "Let's try Yoga!"

"Are you not thinking about my arthritis? My calcification in my foot? What did John Denver do to you?" I said.

I said no and she said yes. So we went to Yoga classes. I did my best but everytime I would see Lisa in the downward dog position, I just couldn't help myself.  Needless to say we got kicked out of 3 different Yoga classes.

"So, now what do we do?"

"I know," Lisa exclaimed. "Let's go turtle shopping!"


  1. You lost me at Capris! Too funny! Maybe it’s best we don’t meet. Steve doesn’t need any ideas. On the other hand, Lisa and I could have s lot of fun!
    Glad you’re back on the road!

  2. You guys need to get out of Minnesota....Now! I think the mosquitoes drew too much blood.

    1. You know all about mosquitos. we are reinventing a we speak.

  3. Buddy,I think you inhaled too much Jet Exhaust when you were working,Lisa,well that’s a wholeee nother story!!😂😂👍🏻 Glad your back on the road again as Willie would say!!

    1. Nothing like the smell of JP-8 in the morning.