Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Welcome to Pahrump!


"Well Glady's, I am so excited that you are excited about it. Have you had your CBD today?"

What can I say about Pahrump? It's in the desert, there are casino's here. It sits near the Nevada-California border. It is about an hour from Las Vegas and an hour and a half from Death Valley.

Why did we choose this place? We got a heck of a good deal to stay here from the Quartzsite RV show. We are at the Lakeside Casino and RV Resort.
An Oasis that is lush and green.
Our coupon was for a week at half price and if you stay one week you get the second for free. That's 14 days at a full hookup park (that means no hauling the stool bus around) for just 10 dollars a day. Two weeks for $140. We talked to our neighbor when we pulled in and they were charged over $600 for 2 weeks. So this is someplace we would not normally stay at because of the price but we will enjoy it while we are here.
Our site is nice. We have no neighbors on one side because we are at the end of the row. The casino has a great lunch special. A finger pork sandwich and fries for $4.99. Deuces wild breakfast special for $4.99. Two eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and toast. Plus we joined the VIP club so we get comps. Chaching baby! As I sat for breakfast by myself, I couldn't help but think how I have turned into my Mom and Dad. My mom loved the gambling and my dad loved the breakfasts.

Well we have 2 weeks here, what are we going to do?

One day we went to find the Devil's Hole. It's not what it sounds like. It is in the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and the Devil's Hole is actually part of Death Valley. It is an underground cavern that is filled with water. They have been down it up to 500 feet and they haven't found the bottom. They also discovered a rare fish that lives in that hole. The Devil's Hole Pupfish.
That is the only place in the world that these pupfish live. They are protected. So we wanted to see what it was all about. They don't want you to fish for them or disturb them at all.
This is what you see of Devil's Hole. It is fenced off and the only viewing area is through a cage.
There is another entrance to the cave system also. So we took the short march over to that.
They are serious about people not disturbing the Pupfish. We had to take their word for it that there were Pupfish in there.

Another day we drove into Las Vegas and walked the strip. We always like to do that whenever we are in town.
We got there early before all of the street people got up. The problem with Las Vegas is that we always spend too much money there.

We also took a day to drive back into Death Valley to see some things that we hadn't seen before. Like  Ubehebe Crater. That was at the northern end of Death Valley. It was a couple of craters that were caused by molten lava hitting water above it causing a steam explosion.

It was very interesting to see it. Next we stopped at Titus Canyon. There is a Jeep trail that goes through this canyon but we were at the exit and it was one way. The entrance was many miles away and we didn't have the time for that.

So we just walked in a little ways to check it out. It would be a neat drive that we will save for next time. Next up was the sand dunes.
It was another full day in Death Valley. We decided to go out the south entrance this time. So we went from the north end to the south end and stopped along the way for scenery pictures.

This Jeep photobombed me.
We also drove up into the mountains around Pahrump. As we sit in the campground and look into the mountains you see roads. I said we should see where it goes. So we did.

This road was called Wheeler Pass.
That is Pahrump in the valley as you look back.

Some horses we saw on the way back to town. I don't know if they are wild or not.

On another particular day we did something very exciting. I have documented our search many times for the elusive Sasquatch. We searched for proof of Mermaids along the Texas coast. Also the Graboid hunts in the deserts of Arizona and California. So I am excited to announce our search for proof that Aliens exist. Pahrump is very close to the mysterious Area 51. Alien activity goes without saying here. So we jumped in our alien chaser and headed out into the desert.

We headed north out of Pahrump and we knew we were getting close to seeing aliens when we came across this.
They have an alien welcome center. We went in to look for info and to take a quick break. That's when my first close encounter happened. I was sitting on an EMPTY bench when Lisa took my picture. When she looked at the picture there were honest to gosh aliens next to me. That bench was completely empty, I swear.
My butt was puckering after seeing that. A little freaked out, we left. We finally got to what we were looking for.
To say that this is out in the middle of nowhere would be an understatement. Area 51 is part of a huge government base. I think we put on over 300 miles to go all of the way around it. There is just nothing out there at all. I think that is what the government was planning.
We maybe met just a handful of cars the whole journey. As we were driving we spied an unusual cloud formation. It appeared to be following us. I am not sure if it is government or alien in origin.
It was just too symmetrical to be natural. Freak out number two. Lisa did some research when we had cell service. There is a black mailbox out in the middle of nowhere that seems to be a focal point. So we went to see if we could find it.
I don't know if it is like that Sandra Bullock movie where you leave a note in it and then later you get one back from the aliens. As we opened it up and not knowing what might be in there, we were a little apprehensive.
There was indeed a note inside it. I can't tell you what it said because we are unfamiliar with alien languages. The final piece of proof I would like to offer as to the fact that we are not alone is this. 
Dead cows. We passed several. Upon further examination it looked like they had died from anal probing. "Let's get our butts out of here!" In conclusion, we feel that man would have to be ignorant to think that we are alone in the universe. They are watching and waiting.

Something else weird happened on that highway. We came across this motel.

I thought of a few friends and relatives that should be staying there. They shall remain nameless, but I think they know who they are.

Our time is winding down here in Pahrump. We had lots of time to explore and just to relax also. We keep checking the weather up north because we are getting anxious to start working on our projects. The weather still looks cold so we will have to keep wondering the desert like Moses. 

I wanted to include this picture of Lisa with her duck friend.
I think she put her hand down and the duck thought she had food in it and bit her. Although ducks don't have teeth so how can it really bite?

On a more personal note. With the little bit of gambling I have done, I was able to win enough to cover our campground expense here.  I like it when that happens.

"Put your seatbelt on Gladys, it's time to get your rump out of Pahrump."


  1. I see you didn’t make it to Sheri’s Ranch. It’s a popular brothel for lunch and room tours.
    That’ll give you something else to see on your next visit. 😉
    Safe travels!

    1. Who says that I didn't make it over there with all of my casino winnings?

  2. Hang out there long enough and you will no doubt get probed one way or another as I heard the aliens run the casinos down there!

    1. We got out of there with our anus's in tact. Also with a little cash too.

  3. Again, you crack me up! Glad your butts are fine. lol I too, am getting excited about getting back home. Two weeks to go. :)

    1. Nice. We have been sitting idle for so long we want to become productive members of society again. Just don't tell Lisa I said that. She won't know because she doesn't read the blog.

  4. All I see lately about Pahrump is on Live PD :-) No aliens though!