Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Covid-19 and Moab, Utah

Well if you haven't heard by now, there is a worldwide pandemic going on. Turning our world and I am sure your worlds upside down at the moment. It is totally unprecedented. I am really behind on the blog and will try to catch everybody up now.

We have been trying our best to social distance ourselves from others. As you may know we live in a camper full time and travel full time. We have been staying in the smaller towns and any sight seeing we would do we made sure to stay away from people. We left Blanding, Utah and headed to Moab, Utah. It has been four years since we were there last.

Four years ago we had worked at the OK RV park for some really great people. There were also 2 little girls that liked us. Kids don't usually like us, but they did. Angie and Maci. So we just had to stop and see them. They are growing up so fast. They both like horses so they wanted us to see them.
That is Angie and her horse Edward
Maci and her horse. Watching those two girls with their horses, they seemed like naturals on them. Then they wanted to get Gladys up on one.
I think Gladys has been on a horse once in her life so she was a little nervous. But she did it and I think she had fun. Once up, Angie led her around.

It was a bucket list item for her because I guess her parents never rented a pony for her birthday.
Just a couple more pictures of the girls on their horses.

I did not get up on the horse and I am sure the horse was very thankful for that. To this day it is walking around without a broken back. Thanks for the fun afternoon. Our visit was cut short because of the pandemic. We decided to go out to the BLM campgrounds to see what was going to happen. We went to Williams Bottom Campground first. But because of the canyon we could not get cell service or any news. The next day we went out to Castle Valley near Fisher Towers.
That is a beautiful area. We decided to drive up the Onion Creek Trail. It is one of our favorites because there are about 20 creek crossings to go through.

It was another great area to be in. It has been cloudy ever since we got to Utah and that day was no different. I did say 20 creek crossing didn't I?
Moab started shutting down, they were talking about closing all of the BLM campgrounds and they were wanting the tourists to go home. They have a small hospital and didn't want it to be overrun with tourists if worse came to worse. We packed up and headed to Palisade, Colorado where we could make plans to beeline it north. We decided we could quarantine in the pickup camper if we had to. Our son called and asked us to take care of his kids because they wanted to pull them out of daycare. That was the excuse Gladys was looking for.

"Tango! start the truck!"

Off we went like wild banshee's headed to Pringle, SD. We asked Jim and Barb if we could spend the night if we brought them our latest test results. They reluctantly said okay after bribing them. Besides we had to deliver their chairs they left with us in Quartzsite. Here they are with their gifts.
Jim got a nudie pen and Barb got a Las Vegas sticker. Plus it also cost us a roll of toilet paper. It would have been cheaper to stay at the Holiday Inn. Barb made us ribs for dinner in the true RV-dreams fashion. It was delish! Our visit was short and we had to leave in the morning. Jim was taking all kinds of precautions. After a second roll of toilet paper he let us eat in the house.
Here he was trying to get the deer to wear masks when they were around him. We got up early the next morning because we had another long drive ahead of us to get to Fargo. Gladys gave me the green light and we were off. We said some quick goodbyes with tearful hugs, hoping that we all make it out of this pandemic and if we did we vowed to meet on New Years Eve in Time Square. Good luck to our BFF's. And to Jim, if you don't make it we will take good care of Barb.

We made it to Fargo without incident and jumped into our new roles. I was showing Virgo, the soon to be 2 year old how to fashion a respiratory mask out of a tortilla, MacGyver style.
You too can do that to save your lives if you have to. For Audie, we just dressed him in camo and will throw him in the bushes.
So that is where we are at at the moment. Social distancing in Fargo. We are out of our Hobbit House now, which had turned into the tin can for us. Way too many months in that thing anyways. I feel safe that no one will visit us because of the pandemic and if I do see you coming up the driveway I hope that you are Ninja fast to get through 12 gauge buckshot coming your way.

On a more personal note. Of all of the ways I thought we were going to go out of this world, like zombies, aliens, sasquatches or unicorns, it had to be the stupid Covid-19. As a Y2K survivor I expected something better..


  1. Glad you made it back to family safely. I forgot to ask Jim on his blog if you gave him his shoes back. 🤣 Stay safe and healthy!

    1. I brought them with me and then when we left completely forgot about them. You guys also.

    2. Dino, you can keep the shoes, you obviously need them more than me.

  2. Glad you are "holed up" safe and sound and you at least get to see and hug your grandchildren. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks. I see you guys are hanging in there also.

  3. What a ride! Glad you made it safe! Hunker down with those cute grands!

    1. Well really Lisa wasn't going that fast on the horse. Consider us hunkered. You do the same.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, it was great seeing you guys!

    1. Thanks for the nice comment. Do I owe you another roll of toilet paper for that? It was great seeing us, wasn't it?