Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Lone Rock and Lake Powell

With face masks on, we drove north through Flagstaff and made it to our destination for the day. Lone Rock Campground on Lake Powell in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area.
We have seen some other RVers post pictures of this place and we really didn't know about it until just a few years ago. So we wanted to camp there and try it out. It was overcast, cool and breezy. So we set up and just hunkered down for the day.When the sun came out I would go outside and try to enjoy the scenery. Finally the clouds left and the sun came back and it brought out some beautiful colors.

Lone Rock without the sun.
Lone Rock with the sun.
We were sitting out, watching a storm across the canyon. The rainbow was super bright.
It was also the weekend of the super worm full moon.
The next day we wanted to check out some of the sights. We have been to Lake Powell a couple of times before so we didn't do Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend. Been there done that kind of thing already. We stopped at the dam for a sticker and some pictures.  It is quite different than the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

After the dam we went out to Antelope Point. It was just a marina and not that photogenic. We found a BBQ in town for lunch and then I wanted to stop at a Machine Gun store. I wanted to shoot a HK MP5 because I have never shot one on full auto.

That would have been fun, but they only offer 3 or more gun packages. Really? I can't just shoot one gun and be happy with that. No. You have to at least pick a 3 gun package for $150. Then you can shoot a 9mm pistol (I own several of those), a 12 gauge shotgun (again, I own several of those), and the HK MP5. Well I didn't want to pay to shoot guns I already own just to shoot the one I want to shoot. Bye.

The Lone Rock camping area is also a OHV area which we didn't know. So as a bonus we unloaded the Ranger and went out and played some. 
 If you look real close, you can see our camper down by the waters edge. I dropped Lisa back off at the camper and kept riding the trails. It's not a large area but it will give you hours of fun. I found some "S" curves and had a blast going through those. So I went back and got Gladys so that she could video me getting wild.
It was a lot of fun. Those of you who know Gladys, you know she is not a big thrill seeker. But I did manage to talk her into doing the "S" curves with me and I think she had fun.             
Our time at Lone Rock has ended and we must move on.The Coronavirus is chasing us to areas that are less populated now. So if we never see any humans again, keep this in mind. If you come at us as Zombies, we will not hesitate to pull the trigger.



  1. That’s a fun play area on the 4 wheelers and great views of the lake from up top. The S curves are a blast but I played on them a little too long and felt sick after.
    Safe travels!

  2. You also. I can't believe Lisa went along with the ride.

  3. The MP5 would have been fun to shoot. It is nice having the 4 wheeler to go on little rids, glad Lisa had fun. If only you had a Jeep there is a lot of good riding in that area.

    1. If we only had a Jeep, it would make exploring sooooo much easier. Also, if only I had a MP5 to take care of the Zombie apocalypse that is on its way.