Sunday, September 26, 2021

As the Finger Turns


When did my life become a soap opera? 

That's rhetorical. Don't answer that, I don't want to know,

We had another visit to the Mayo clinic last week for more tests. I say we because Lisa is by my side every step of the way. She is finding out about the clause in our vows that says "for better or worse". Now if she would only obey better. Like when I tell her that she should swallow her pride and just push me around in a wheelchair when we are at the clinic. I tell her that she would get so much more exercise by doing that. But no...........I still have to trudge everywhere.

First test of the day was just some blood work. They wanted to rule out anything pathological like Lyme Disease. As I was talking to the phlebotomist, I asked how many people go through there in a day. He said pre-covid it would be around 1200 people, now they see around 600. I said "wow" as he took a gallon of blood from me. He also said that the blood goes directly to the lab and they will have the results within hours. Again, "wow".

Next test was going to be an ultrasound of my left arm from the elbow to the wrist. They wanted to trace the Median nerve to see if it is trapped somewhere in the arm. They didn't find any entrapments of the nerve but they did say that the nerve going through the carpel tunnel is still pinched there. Makes me wonder why I had the surgery done in Fargo. Sheesh!

Last up for the day was going to be a meeting with the Orthopedic Specialist. Finally. I hope to get some news, one way or the other. He reviewed all of the tests and said that there was nothing conclusive in the results. Besides maybe the carpel tunnel and some changes in the arthritis in my wrist. So he said I have two options.

1. Exploratory surgery to cut open my hand and physically see the nerves.


2. Occupational Therapy

So, can you guess what I chose to do? I said "I want to see what's behind door number 1". He said I could go with OT but in a year we would be back at step one again and I don't want to wait another year and go through this pain and discomfort until then.

So surgery is scheduled for the beginning of October. He said he will cut open my hand and trace the nerve as it goes through my palm. Fix the carpel tunnel again and if the nerve is damaged, he will cut it out and graft a cadaver nerve in its place. He said that he could use a nerve of my own but then I would have 2 surgeries to deal with plus he would use a nerve out of my foot. Then I would have a numb foot the rest of my life. A cadaver nerve it is then.

He was pretty confident that he would find the problem. I am relieved that something will finally happen. I hope to hell that that fixes the problem because he said that if it doesn't fix the problem, then it is in my neck. Oh-oh.

So that is where we stand. Now we have 2 weeks to get as much done in the cabin as we can because I will be laid up for a minimum of 3 weeks.

We got another wall section put up.

And another.

And still another area.

So that is all I can tell you. Live long and prosper. Spock out.


  1. So glad there is a possible solution for you. Fingers crossed that this surgery will fix you problem. If the nerve is still pinched I think that it is likely that is the problem but who knows. :) Kudos to both of you for all the work you have accomplished at your place.

  2. Dino, we will be praying that you have a satisfactory outcome from this next surgery on your hand. We can only imagine what a nuisance and hindrance it has been for you to endure the results of the previous surgery.

  3. Did the doctor comment about you blood alcohol level when he drew your blood?

    1. No, but he did ask if I drove there. Not sure what he meant by that.

  4. Nice to finally get a possible solution to all your pain and discomfort. Good luck with the surgery Dino!

  5. Yikes I hope it all works out. If they go into your neck they might find a loose nut in your noggin! Seriously, hope you get some relief!

    1. Maybe I will be featured in a medical magazine. I could be famous.

  6. Good luck Dino! Glad to hear you got some answers...but as an OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST...well...

    1. Thanks. I don't have any issues with Occupational Therapy. But I want them to do something about the pain and discomfort before the OT begins.