Wednesday, October 24, 2018


An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution, an intermediate state or condition.*

We arrived at our newest and most secretest of undisclosed locations. Our hosts. Mike and Robin wanted to give our arrival a big shindig, being our first trip here. We told them no parades or fireworks. We are keeping this on the down low.  Thankfully they listened because as we pulled into their compound when know one else was around, we very promptly got ourselves stuck in the mud.
 Twice on this journey after leaving Minnesota we have needed 4 wheel drive and we were thankful to have it.
This photo shows the camper wheels in a hole. That hole actually goes up to the axles. Our camper weighs 16,000 lbs. I had to use the leveling jacks twice to prop up that side and stick those yellow blocks under the tires. It was about a foot deep.  Once that side was high enough I got in and hammered it and we started to move. Yay!
It looked drier than what it was but they have gotten a lot of rain lately like everyone else.
Even with new AT tires we got stuck. Maybe "The Beast" needs great big mud tires. After events such as this we can look back and laugh. But during it, we are thinking that Karma is trying to tell us something. Maybe something like "What idiots".

Well anyways we got ourselves out and were enjoying a victory adult libation when I happened to notice the security cameras on Mike and Robins building. "Well that will give them something to laugh at when they watch the footage." I told Lisa. Dorks on Parade.

Good news! We got our water tank ordered. Now to wait for it. 

*courtesy of Google.


  1. Been there, done that. Twice We know your pain. Hopefully your tank comes in quickly and you're on your way!

    1. It happens to all of us at one tome or another. I just share it to the world.

  2. You guys are having so many issues we may have to give you new names! I suppose on your next post you are going to tell us you grey tank is leaking.....

  3. We’ve been stuck twice once we disconnected the trailer. Just paid our bill for RV repairs in Elkhart after a week and a half of sitting. New galley tank, shower pan, toilet, slide frame repairs, and slide topper springs...Ka-Ching! Good luck with your repairs and safe travels!