Friday, December 6, 2019

Circling the Earth

Well it has been a year since we purchased Gandalf the Grey. Those who may not know, Gandalf the Grey is our pickup truck. Our work horse so to speak. Grocery getter. Limousine and all around transport vehicle.
Since we have purchased him last December he has taken us around the circumference of the Earth. The circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles. In fact he as nearly taken us one and a half times around the Earth in just one year. As we got to Quartzsite, Arizona our odometer is nearly at 36,000 miles. That's just for one year of travel. Many of those miles were pulling heavy loads. 
Our 4,000 pound pickup camper along with pulling our UTV and trailer.

Or pulling our 16,000 pound fifthwheel around. Knock on wood, but we have not had one single issue with that truck. Except for the time a screen room was blown into the side of it and we had it in the shop to have the scratches and dents fixed. 

Recapping our travels. We bought the truck in Wichita Falls, Texas, traveled north to Minnesota for Christmas. Back to Texas to get the fifthwheel and then over to Florida for the winter. From Florida we went back to Minnesota and then headed to Alaska. Alaska back down to Minnesota and then back to Texas and over to Arizona where we are now.

There have been countless side trips and day trips along the way adding up to the amount of miles we have on now. My hats off to RAM for making one hell of a truck. Looking back now, it was a smart move to retire the "Beast". Our old truck.
Our next year is up in the air right now because we haven't made any plans. I do know that it won't involve as much driving as we did this year.


  1. I hope you guys don’t hide back East all year!

  2. Good to see some part of your entourage is pulling their weight!

    1. Like I have told you before. I am more of an equipment operator than a laborer.